The Book of Revelations…#178


Over the past months I have be ask did I think that the Book of Revelations was being fulfilled, is it the end of days? I have seen many Face Book pages with images on “Beware” “God leads the way” “Antichrist”, etc, etc. I believe in a Higher Power, I taught Sunday school for ten years, which makes me no authority, but somewhat knowledgeable. It is a personal choice as to what an individual chooses to call their “God” or believe in. I stop being a believer in organized religion many years ago. I am and have always been spiritual; I was brought up believing that the Great Mystery lives in everything.

I am not “going religious” as they say on anyone, and I respectfully honor everyone’s choice of beliefs. However, I do know that the Bible has almost fifty authors, all men (again no disrespect) whom have written the Books of the Bible, as they have perceived the world at the time of writing. All handed down word of mouth, writing on rocks, wheat paper and many other things. All of this interpreted by the authors down though the past, maybe starting in the era of Abraham which has been said to have spoken to God in 2100 BC. We are soon coming upon 2100AD. Many translations have taken place in these 4200 years.

Nevertheless, in layman terms, The Book Revelations authors name is John a Christian prophet. It is believed that Revelation was an apocalyptic prophecy, a warning of sorts. Remember, it is written as they saw or visualized things at the time. Its understanding is difficult because of these things. I believe that it was written to chastise Christians with different beliefs; many of the time distrusted the Book of Revelations. It has been accepted and rejected many times throughout history.

Revelations speaks of broken seals; people believe what they want to or have been taught too. “There will be a great earthquake, the sun becomes black and the moon turns to blood, a sign; I don’t think so since we have been having earthquakes, ellipse of the sun and Blood Moons for quite some time now and the world ending it has not. On and on it goes, the beast, the false Prophet and the one about martyrs living and reigning with Christ for a thousand years. A New Heaven and Earth, and a New Jerusalem, no more suffering o death, God will dwell with humanity in the New Jerusalem. Therefore, I can place all of this in the Book of Revelations into any scenario over the past 4200 years.

All we can do is try to be mindful every day of the people and situations around us, care for those in need, respect one another and handle each situation when it arises. I have learned to live in the moment and not worry about what is going to happen one-thousand-years from now. We all have burdens to bear; they are not placed upon us because we are bad. Most of the time we place them upon ourselves because of our own actions.

Yes, I believe in a Higher Power, I believe that we must live right as best we can, be mindful of others and our own actions. I believe, because that is how I was raised and who I have become. When I see all of these “Jesus” postings, pray for me posting, they are placed there, as an attraction getter to receive “likes” for the day. Keep the man called Jesus teachings in your heart, pray for those with needs and not out of greed. If you keep these things in mind, that you will be OK.

It’s like the Dalai Lama said that “religion is like going out to dinner with friends.  Everyone ma order something different, but everyone can still sit at the same table.”

However, that is just my opinion


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Quarantined with My Thoughts…#171

The first people (Adam and Eve) were from Africa, then why do we portray them as white?

I am not religious, I do not believe in organized religion, yet I am spiritual in every way. I believe in live and let live to one’s own individual beliefs. When being “shut-in” it does make one give thoughts to many subjects, today; I decided to start in the beginning.
The age of Earth has been debated, changed and debated again, but it is said that it is about 4.54 billion years old give or take a few years. I make these statements on no authority, no formal scientific education, i.e., just my love of research and my opinion. Coincidentally, this number is supposed to be the same age as the rest of the planets in the Solar System, as well as the Sun. This does give thought to a plan of creation, does it not?
There are changes continually, Earth’s ever-changing crust, as well as the rocks in Earth’s neighbors, such as the moon and visiting meteorites. The oldest rocks on Earth found to date are in Canada, which are 4.03 billion years old. However, rocks older than 3.5 billion years can be found on all continents. Greenland and Swaziland, Africa are 3.4 billion to 3.5 billion years. Samples in Australia, Quebec, run 3.4 billion to 3.6 billion years old, and the Universe itself is said to be over 13 billion years old. Just a few scientific facts!
This brings me to the Biblical age of Earth. The Bible never declares an age for the Earth, but evidence derived from the text fits most comfortably with a date approximately 6,000. Nevertheless, dinosaurs have been found with stomach contents preserved. Such preservation, by the way, indicates they were buried so rapidly that the normal decay process could not affect them. I do not know whether dinosaurs ate humans–they just have never found one that had a human as its last meal. However, there are records and artwork depicting dragons, which look a lot like what we call dinosaurs.
The spiritual side of me believes in a God, the Great Mystery and that he did create earth, it may have taken billions of years, as I do not believe the six-day theory. I also believe that much of the Bible was written to control the masses; there needed to be rule, ancient politicians so to speak, even if much of it was scare tactics. The Flood, possible, a destructive global event that reshaped the earth’s surface. I have to believe this is possible, look at how one pandemic can be destructive in today’s world. Science shows us that all males and females shared a single ancestor in Africa roughly 125,000 to 156,000 years ago.
Many of these things I can believe, but I do have a burning question…What is God’s purpose for the earth and for humankind?
It’s just my opinion!


Epoch of Living…#134




Epoch of Living…
In this age with the elderly outnumbering the rest of society, I have been privilege to be a part of some living and passing. It is the days before their glorious ascension that I write about today. I live in an Independent complex for “seniors”; the transference was not an easy one, but the simplicity of living outweighed all other situations. Why do I write about this subject? The decline of the human body and sometimes the Spirit and Soul. I have surveyed many and followed their decline and fight to live a productive and peaceful life. The subject matter of this post is my own personal opinion.

The healthy hearty individuals who chose to give up their homes for a more simple life, less house and yard work arrive with smiles. They have underground parking and no longer have to fight the winter weather, snow and ice. They have activities if they wish to participate, everything from cards, bingo, community choirs and gatherings to potlucks and holiday meals and cook outs.

In the beginning they are many times met in these “get-to-gathers” by the few with more boisterous personalities, i.e., they want to run the show and those attending. I do not attend these gatherings, as I have always been an advocate for the elderly…then became one. By the time we get to these types of living situations many have lost the fight that we possessed in younger days, we allow the few to control the masses. These are individual choices and I in no way want to judge why some lets others control them. Of course, there is also living in the complex those few like myself who choose to walk to our own drummer so to speak. Nonetheless, it is a source of irritation to me when I hear of the controlling few and how they act toward their fellow women and men.

Back to the decline, the residents arrive with enthusiasm, new cars, and settle into a less stressful lifestyle. It is the decline of the human body and mind that I get upset with the progress. Within a few years, their cars are taken from them, leaving them without transportation and at the mercy of their children or grandchildren to provide rides to doctor visits and shopping. I have observed those who did not need to give up driving, it was taken away because a child wanted the use of the vehicle. When discussing a sometimes-tragic decision tears come to their eyes, they were not ready, nor did they need to be ready. Then there are those who should have had those vehicles taken to protect the public and they had no one to make the choice for them, they are a danger to society.

The few who remain independent is not what this post is regarding, it is about those who fall into the category of being told what to do, or have relatives forget they exist. The brave few who are capable of making their own decisions and continue to live a lifestyle that should be afforded the elderly I applaud them. There are those who have loving children and are held in high regard by those children, they are well cared for and visited often.

This bring me to those who are within time visited by their children only on holidays, if even then, or those who come around to “get” what they want material, financial or otherwise. I have witnessed too many times when a family would come in Mother’s Day with a lily, and within thirty minutes, they are leaving. The same with Christmas, they arrive Christmas Eve with poinsettias and leave within a few minutes they do not want to disrupt their own lives by spending too much time with who should be their “loved” ones. It is at this stage of life that the residents of the complex transfer slowly from walking to wheelchair, walker or cane. Now, we all may get in that position during an illness, but we fight each time to return to being as active as possible. Many are happy to sit in front of their TV all day as age progresses; this brings on the final days quicker.

However, after all is said and done one cannot help getting older and go through the various stages of life to reach their final destination. Moreover, for all that I have written, I am thankful that I can remain mentally productive and continue to do what I have always dreamed of doing upon retirement, write, publish and enjoy my days with hope for a long and happy future. With that being said, it is in these living situations that we reach the end of our journeys; I wrote a short poem that started the entire premise of this post.

Angel Wings

How sweet is the foreboding, yet dying can be a beautiful sight. Even though it can be hard to bear, the thoughts are wonderful of one’s soul floating to Heaven on God’s golden air.

Family and friends gather sitting close to the hearths, angels waiting nearby; love ones questioning…why!

Death is something that is impossible to prepare, the angels try to fill the room with loving care. Love ones watch with a fallen tear…listen can you hear the angels sing. Another soul given their wings.





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As a Child I Prayed it was the Way…#119


Image result for Native American women Praying images

As a Child I Prayed, it was the Way…

Knarred pines below the mountain where we lived were living gravestones on the
land we called home high above them was the kudzu-shrouded caves where I played with constant skinned knees, Hoarfrost eyes and long black braids. Below this mountain was hallowed ground and beneath decaying pine needles the bleached bones of my ancestors lay hidden in the mounds.

My Great-grandmother whom we all call “Ma” said the mountain was like a cathedral, a place where she took me every morning to pray, she told me that it was our way. As the night shadows disappeared in the mornings golden rays, we raised our palms toward the sky to bless another day.

Ma’s voice strong and clear begin to chant in her native tongue the words robust and bold; it came from deep within her as if orchestrated by her Soul. Floating across the mountains scarred face her mantra rose to the Great Mystery – her God, she said that I must always honor this sacred place.

She told me that the sounds of a waking earth should reminded us of how the world came to be, her prayers spoke of rebirth and how our Souls would someday be free. We walked through emerald grass damp with morning dew, the unseen breeze kissed our face, and she believed that with the beginning of each morning our life was once again renewed.

We hurried to the creek behind our tarpaper shanty to wash away all of Yesterday’s sorrows. I held her hand wishing that this were how our lives would always be, that I would never grow up and she would never grow old, and it would always be Ma and me. Yes when I was a child my Great-grandmother taught me many lessons about life, it was the way.


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Old Age…#106

“In something called the Pew Study, the responses were clearly that old age begins at 68. However, those older, 65, considered old age to begin at 74. As for me, at 80, old age may be 90.” Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree.

Old Age…

Therefore, there are more older people than ever before, most are not working forty hours a week and many are unsure of what they are going to do with their time. Life changes at advanced ages are both physical and emotional. I have struggled with the loss of loved ones and a share of my independence; almost everyone who has reached that magic number that declares we are old age shares this. I have tried to maintain a healthy life style, yet, as the body ages like any vehicle or vessel, its parts wear out. We have to maintain the highest quality of life possible, a fulfilling life and we must find ways to live our life. If you are mindful of changes in your life the ones that restrict you will not come as a surprise, it is known that exercising will contribute to a long life and it is never too late to start.

Exercise can help prevent memory loss; it provides you with “feel-good hormones known as endorphins. It helps reduce chronic pain, improves metabolism and it can improve your quality of sleep. Keep your brain active, you can feed your creativity now that you are no longer working, it is important to keep the brain strong.

It is said that older people living alone are lonely, unhappy and isolated; a study revealed that older people living alone are often poor and desperate. LET ME DISPEL THIS STATEMENT AS A MYTH! I have lived alone in the old age timeframe for ten years, I am not lonely, unhappy, nor do I feel isolated; and I am far from desperate. I am not poor, I am rich in family and the world around me; I have all that I need and want. Family, living in the moment and creativity is my chosen lifestyle, one that fulfills me in every way.

How do I maintain this outlook on life? I keep up with technology and modern culture while embracing my past and what it held for me, I do not disrespect that of others. I try to exercise within the limits of my current abilities; it is less than ten years ago, but every step counts. I try to keep my aches and pains to myself as well as my mental state at any given moment. As we, I have aged, I go through a gamut of emotions, and I do not believe that people change in old age. I do believe that their personalities and health cause unhappiness if they were unhappy as younger people, and they are happy if they have always tried to look as the glass half full instead of half empty. I consider above physical health that mental is the most important, without a good outlook on life the physical health does not have a chance. Family and social ties are a plus; I have to work on social ties.

I try to “practice what I preach”, I still have work to do on myself and probably always will, yet nothing stops me from trying. I have embraced my age, I have adopted a healthy lifestyle and I set goals. Yes, goals, I intend to continue to make myself as healthy as possible and I intend to continue to “write”, on anything and everything, to expand my world and move beyond that small bubble that is my life.

Want you come with me?



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I Believe…#105




I have always been interested the Bible, the Word, and its foundation for most laws throughout the world. I grew up in a little country Baptist church in the south, my mother and I went to church every Sunday. In the early years my daddy would take us up Burleson Mountain in a wagon drawn by our old mule Soap Sticks, he would be sitting out front an hour later to bring us home. By the time I was eight we had acquired and old WW II jeep, mother drove us, and would bring the preacher back home for dinner (lunch to non-southerners). We were then, my daddy and me required to sit and listen to what daddy called the re-sermon; mother would drive the preacher back up the mountain to his home. I ask my daddy one time why he didn’t have a wife, daddy said probably because he never shut up long enough to allow some woman to say, “I do”.
We left the farm when I was twelve years old, mother would not return to the church until years later when my little sister would be married in one. Oh, she would go occasionally, but I never knew why. My daddy only set foot in church twice in his life, once when they buried his grandmother and the last time at the wedding of my sister. Nonetheless, I ask our new town neighbors the location of the closest Baptist church, it was six blocks away; I went every Sunday until I married. That first Sunday I felt the “calling” and walked to the altar, the third Sunday I was baptized, neither of my parents came to the baptism. I continued going to a small Baptist church close to where we lived after I married. I felt at home there and for the next ten years, I taught Sunday school.
My reason for conveying this information is that many years ago I begin to question the Word, not that it was fiction or a lie, but if these teaching are true why do people or even animals suffer. When you begin to research these things then you begin to question them. I am today a person that is not religious or one that believes in organized religion, of those church leaders that live in the “lap of luxury” paid for by the less fortunate who give their few dollars a week; those who abuse children. I am spiritual, and I believe in helping others, treating others, as I would want to be treated. I believe that there is something out there bigger than we all are, and that there is a place of energy and of beauty beyond what we know as the “now”. However, I do believe that individuals that wanted to control others and set those words down as Law wrote the “Word”.
I believe that there were humans on earth before Adam and Eve, if years are counted right then this would make these two much younger than the world was at the time of their creation. I do not know by means of research or teachings if this is true. The Bible will show that Adam and Eve had many children, and that Cain killed Abel. It is then that Cain had to leave and he went beyond the Second Garden of Eden and he found his wife. Cain’s wife gave birth to a son that they named Enoch and Cain then built a city of that name. If there were not people other than Adam and Eve then how did this happen. It is believed that Cain traveled until he found other humans. If there were not others then why would Cain build a city for just him and his wife? The book of Genesis suggests all of these things.
Genesis 4:16 16So Cain went out from the LORD’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden.
How can religion dispute the word they live by…?
If the creation of Adam and Eve is more myth that fact and we have the ability to know that Earth is hundreds or thousands year old and again time frames are set in place they may be real people and they may be the father and mother of generations, but not the first humans.
Other questions I have are those regarding a God we believe that will watch over us. Psalm 121:7-8 will tell us that he will keep us from all harm, just open a newspaper, and turn on a television read the internet. Is this true? The Word promises that the only role God plays in the verse is in Psalm 91, which is that death itself is deliverance for Christians, removing us from sin, pain, suffering and sorrow. Is there proof outside the Bible that God cares about us? No, there are claims of proof. Is God under any obligation to answer our prayers? It is said that God is under no obligation to hear and answer prayers of those who have made themselves strangers to him. However, the Word also says that God cannot lie, nor break his promise. Therefore, with the many prayers for peace, safety and love why is the world is such dire shape.
Psalm 121: 7-8 The Lord will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.
What we do know is that there are about 40 authors of the books of the Bible, there are anonymous writers too. The Bible has been translated into languages from Hebrew Aramaic and Greek, with approximately 670 languages. The New Testament alone has 1,521 languages and some stories into approximately 1,121 other languages.
What I do believe is that God created the first human-type parents and all creatures, and that they were highly complex organisms. That we have bodies that will age and souls that will go on to a place of beauty. I believe that humanity began with a miracle, Using reason and revelation I believe that we are people of many faiths. With so many authors, translations and languages that created the Bible and as a writer I believe that we live in a mysterious world where we want to believe that some if not all of the “Word” is true and that my friends is called faith.




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Death, a Saving Grace…#100

Violence against women is clearly not solved, not at all solved, and the reasons for it, which are controlling women’s bodies in order to control reproduction, are definitely not solved.   Gloria Steinem


Death, a Saving Grace…

At dawn, the life light went out of the

woman’s abused body, it laid in front

of her the children she tried to protect…

she was a mother, she was a woman,

and she was a wife.

A coal oil lantern glowed against rustic

rough boards, shadowing the fragile

souls left behind in the damp shanty

where, she was a mother, she was a

woman, and she was a wife.

Laid to rest in a shallow grave in the

Louisiana heat, dug by a man with

moonshine seeping from his body; the

moon glowed upon soft damp earth

holding, what was once a mother, a

woman, a wife.

Tears burn hot upon the dirt-streaked

faces of her six children as relatives

who heard the shots from the long arm

barrel of hate ring out into the night

took them to their homes, she was

their mother, she was a woman, and

she was wife.

Drunk with evil spewing from his

tobacco-laced mouth the skeleton of

a father had shot his wife, because

she was pregnant again; she was a

mother, she was a woman, and she

was a wife.

No one will ever know beyond the

borders of Bayou Gauche, that mother,

woman, and wife will never return,

her death for her, a saving grace.


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Beware …
The mind in caged sleep has no control, tears shed, and the thoughts of fake caring of those who live false lives. Their spitefulness holds captive the unconscious sleeping mind, they will not allowing it to wake. There are those that cannot be trusted, they have concern for their own selves and their own greed. They are always on the prowl to seize, capture, and triumph. They cause pain to the minds of the innocent and in their pursuit, they find joy; their tongue of fire knows not the truth. Yet, they will ask you for your prayers to engorge their own needs. If they touch your life, it will never be the same, beware of fake caring of others.




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Guns and religion do not kill; the people using them do…#19

Using religion to justify killing is wrong, it is time that we separate the killing fields of the world, the use of religion to kill, and stop the evil individuals or groups that want to keep people everywhere terrorized.  Religion is used daily to terrorize, intimidate and bring harm to people.  Religion is one that some people use to kill and it is hard for me to wrap my head around. 

I am a spiritual individual that does believe in a higher power emotionally.  However, I believe in many other religions, I find something in their doctrine that I can grasp; I was baptized in a Baptist Church at 12 years old, I taught Sunday school in a Baptist church for 10 years, I called upon my own beliefs when I said special prayers for general living, health, and when the earthly body is wrapped in death.  Religion is not unlike family traditions during holidays or celebrating a birth; I celebrate the death of those I am acquainted and love ones.  I found some old research on religion and that will be the subject of my post today.

It is said that the world’s first religion on earth is the AFRIKA RELIGION, born in the Sacred Holy Garden of the Creator in Continental Afrika.  I have no proof, nor can I find more that it being an organization, much like other religious organizations.

However, the oldest known religion known to man is Hinduism.  Actually, no one truly knows when the first religion was named.  Nonetheless, Hinduism is more than 50,000 years old.  Animism is another religion that dates back more than 50,000 years.

Islam I understand is about 1435 years old, recognized about 600 years after Jesus.  The core message of Islam is simply “Oneness of God”.  Islam, the Muslim religion originated in the Arabian Peninsula around the year 622 by the Islam Prophet Muhammad who lived in Mecca.  It is said that Muhammad received revelations from God and wrote them down in a book that would become known as the Qur’an.


The first English translation of the Bible was put together by John Wycliffe in the 1380’s then came the Geneva Bible in 1560 And the King James Translation in 1611 and of course, today we have many new translations

Whom do we give credit, it is anyone’s guess; I have a King James Version, I am no longer affiliated with any religious organization, i.e., church.  I know the bible well enough that when it is misquoted I know it.  I raised my children in a home that believed in spiritual association, to find where their own religious experience would benefit them.  There are no right and no wrong when it comes to the beliefs of the many, but it is wrong to use one’s religious belief to do wrong, kill, lie, and steal.

I believe that Martin Luther King, Jr., was a man of his God and that he taught kindness and to love.  Hate will destroy the Earth, and love may just save us all.

 “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it.”

Martin Luther King, Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

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