Winter’s End…#309

Winter’s End

It will come, that polluted spring thaw,

the once fresh snow will lay impotent

upon earth’s emerald carpet.  The

whiteness of it spotted with

shapes and colors left behind by  

blustery winds. 

Shiny frozen tendril’s hang like daggers

from the gray edifice where dark green

moss climbs freely upward. The smell of

rotting earth fills the air, it will take many

rains to have the sweet smell of honeysuckle

lingering in the space called home.

Until spring, one must continue to plod along

through sleet and sullied snows. One will

dream about a warm fire, a good book in

hand sitting in a favorite chair.  No

troubled spirits will fill the night.  One

dreams of the warmth of sunshine after

a cleansing rain.  Spring will soon arrive,

and we will see winter’s end.


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Your Love is a Fist…#242

Raw is this

Fatherless flesh

Life in troubled times

Blues gone to grays

Why do some people

Cause others pain

In this all too familiar

Love-Hate Game

As the red around me

Spread, I prayed for

Cleansing waters…then

Suddenly, the rain fell.


Altered Senses…#8

Altered Senses

I am an old soul; I exist in a world of delimited souls, scene after scene, characteristic of life’s environment, and promises that reveal nothing, the past descends like rain from the sky, washing away all dreams.  Once in the specter of youth many of my brothers and sisters in LIFE would go chanting within the expanse of new souls, their paths w blocked; evils sometimes would reach across the landscape of a lifetime.  For my brothers, sisters and me loneliness limits love and happiness; we fight to slow down the boundaries, always alert moving the future shrouded with abundant solitude from where there is no escape.  As living souls, it may be time to RETHINK the future!

Love and Peace



Authors Note:  The wisdom of these words may be lost in translation.  The words are clear to the souls that may be struggling within a world of discontent.  The Soul, may believe that we know where we are going, do we?  Time after time, our environment changes, so do our thoughts of what lies ahead.  Our search for love and happiness is long and hard, it does not come to us quickly.  Is isolation our only answer?