A Rotting America…#251

Casualties of the Times

Begging for food, living on the streets, no jobs to be found, families no longer sound.  Government talks end up in contradictions, poverty is the prediction.  

The homeless cannot sleep during winter’s cold nights, they gather around a burning barrel, men, women and children, forgotten, shattered and despised; in the distance a baby cries. 

The spirit freezes, fruit of labors rot, life squeezes and struggles persist, bad luck smothering heart and soul, hope ceases to exist. 

Changing winds turn into storms, will the world grow wiser, or will it be humbled and beaten back into servility? 

Trust departed, a cardboard box in the streets is where the homeless make their beds, hope disappears and the future appears dead.


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Flying with Broken Wings: The Life Story of Charlotte Jean Murphree: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781547051328: Amazon.com: Books

Fragments of Time: Bits and Pieces of the Time I have lived in?: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781981472147: Amazon.com: Books

Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts: A decade of poetry: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781723433054: Amazon.com: Books

A Sachet of Poetry: Adoration Aspirations Anger Asylums: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781500483357: Amazon.com: Books

Reflections of Poetry: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781500168643: Amazon.com: Books

Beyond the Voices: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781500426705: Amazon.com: Books

Honeysuckle Memories: Johnson-murphree, Ann: 9781500290702: Amazon.com: Books

Echoing Images from the Soul: A Journey into the Soul: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781500366810: Amazon.com: Books

Asterial Thoughts: A Journey into a Life, Thought and Fear: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781540862358: Amazon.com: Books

Rutted Roads: A Collections of Poems: Johnson-Murphree, Ann: 9781532909368: Amazon.com: Books

A Passage into Madness: A State of Frenzied Activity: Johnson-Murphree, Elizabeth Ann: 9781688948990: Amazon.com: Books

Republicans vs Democrats…# 245

BY – Celeste Epiphany Waite

Hear my voice, hear my dreams

Let us make a world, world, in which in I believe

Hear my words, hear my cries

Let me see a change through these eyes

You may think I won’t be heard

Still I raise this hand, spread this word

These words of fire, of hope and desire

And now I’ll let them free

Hear my voice, hear my dreams

Let us make a world in which in we believe

In which we believe

Hear my words, hear my choice


During the past four-years, I have said that Trump was a cross breed of Hitler and Jim Jones.  The book “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle).  Mein Kampf, (yes, I have read it) is autobiographical written by Adolf Hitler while imprisoned, in it Hitler outlines his political ideology and future plans for Germany.  It is said that Trump read Hitler’s “My New Order”, a collection of speeches; they contained Hitler’s extraordinary ability as a master propagandist.  “My New Order” and that there are similarities between the speeches of Trump and those written by Hitler.  The speeches show that when criticism by someone responds back with insults and name calling.  Both Hitler and Trump contradicts themselves often.   Hitler made and then broke treaties, just like Trump has separated America from many of our Allies. 

James Warren Jones the American cult leader, preacher and self-professed faith healer conspired with his inner circle to direct a mass murder-suicide of himself and his followers in his jungle commune at Jonestown.   Jones was an aggressively bisexual drug user, liar and narcissistic psychopath. In 1978, Jones then ordered a mass suicide and mass murder of 918 commune members, 304 of them children, almost all by cyanide-poisoned Flavor Aid.

The moral fiber of the person who occupies the Oval Office matters to the vast majority of Americans. Across party lines and religious groups, say it is important to have a president who lives an honest, decent life.   In looking at the beginning of Trumps impeachment, Trump was tied to the fact that the Ukraine may have been pressured to investigate H. Clinton.  After four- years as president few deny that Trump misuses his power. 

This president appears to be a pathological liar, rough, bullish and shows personal and professional evilness.  I believe him to be a severely damaged human being and a treacherous president.  Yet, the presidency deserves respect, even when the president does not.  He is willing to say and do things that no other president in American history.  Republicans’ are driven by only one thing, to defend their president at all cost, and they will do anything to protect him.  At one time the Republican Party stood for truth, honor and integrity, no more.  

I am certain that the Republican Party is thinking about their loss of power with Trump in office.  It is too late to turn back, four years raced by in the blink of an eye, but it is not too late to make a logical decision about the future.  My issue with Trump is the lies; I cannot forgive his moral wrongdoing, his malice and his assault on reality, the truth.   

Trump has promised to create 10 million new jobs, is he counting that above the 22 million jobs that vanished due to the pandemic?  He pledged to create 1 million small businesses, cut taxes, protect American jobs, and develop a Vaccine by the end of 2020.  Return to normal by 2021; make medicines and supplies available for health care.  Yet another answer to the question is to ask states to bid on the supplies.

He has pledged to bring back jobs from China, provide no contracts to those outsourcing to China.  Hold China accountable for the spread of the Virus.  Cut the cost of prescription drugs, lower healthcare insurance, cover all pre-existing conditions.  Provide school choice to every child, teach American exceptionalism; American exceptionalism can best be defined as the belief that the United States has a duty to spread its ideals around the world.  Trump wants to take limits off Congressional Terms, fund law enforcement, and deem drive-by shootings an act of Domestic Terror.  He would dismantle human trafficking networks. 

For the future, he want to launch a space force, establish a permanent presence on the Moon, send manned missions to Mars, win the internet race to 5G. Lead the world in clean drinking water and air? Stop endless Wars and bring all troops home, maintain and expand America’s military strength.  Wipe out Global Terrorists; build a Cyber security defense system and missile defense system.  Continue to nominate Supreme Court judges, defend the freedoms of religious believers and organizations, and support the second Amendments rights.

Creating an impossible list, probably, as the Democrats also create an impossible list.  So the purpose of my research is to see how both parties’ promises will probably never see the light of day.  Nonetheless, the worse choice of the two is Donald Trump.  I am certain my Republican followers disagree with me; your comments are welcome as well as those from the Democrat party.   I do not believe either can deliver what they base their presidency on; neither can tell the truth in some cases.  No matter who wins we will still have to show a measure of respect for the position they hold.


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For Fear That We May Forget…#243

I am not trying to sway your vote; it is your right to chose whomever you believe is the best person for the job.  Donald Trump is not a politician, he is a business man, and what he does as an American citizen is his right, but you cannot run a country like a business.  Joe Biden is a politician, he has been Vice President under President Obama for that alone should be the reason he wins. 

A businessman is a person undertaking activities for the purpose of generating cash flow, utilizing a combination of human, financial, intellectual and physical for economic development and growth.   Trump does not own America, the United States Federal Reserve is not his personal cash flow, he cannot sale it off, and I will give him credit for a few things, but they do not offset what he is doing now.  To support white supremacist, aka, the Proud Boys, to tell his followers to “Stand down and stand by”, is not presidential.  Trump knows how to bankrupt businesses, spend the money of his backers, to live like a “King”, but not in my White House.  The era of Camelot left when the Kennedy’s, Camelot represents truth and goodness, none of which Trump can claim.

Joe Biden is a politician, and has been most of his adult life. A politician, a person experienced in the art or science of government, actively engaged in conducting the business of a government. Biden has his faults, personally and politically, he might not have been my choice, however, he is the only choice as president. 

I am fearful that Trump may go mad; he has clearly stated that he will not leave the WH peacefully.  If nothing else, I actually want to see how he can handle it.  Biden will fill the office with experience, and style.  Let’s face it folks…there has to be a certain measure of transparency, but I don’t believe in telling John Q Public everything.

But, getting back to Trump, I do not have enough time and space to comment on all that he does, but one area is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drafted a sweeping order last month requiring all passengers and employees to wear masks on all forms of public and commercial transportation in the United States, but it was blocked by the White House, according to two federal health officials. The White House Corona virus Task Force, led by Vice President Mike Pence, declined to even discuss the Virus. 

Many feel that the Trump administration has turned the wearing — or not wearing — of masks into a political expression, as seen most dramatically on Monday evening when President Trump whipped off his surgical mask at the White House door after returning from the hospital where he was treated for Covid-19.

 “It’s especially outrageous because the science is so clear: masks save lives.”

Now, I hear that Trump, had a “Medical Evaluation” By Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel, Says Trump is “Medication Free”.  He went through a reality TV-like “medical evaluation” with Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, and claimed that he was medication free and that he was recently retested for COVID-19.  This is not a reality show Mr. Trump!

Trump also said that he will donate his plasma, used to help other COVID-19 patients, “if they want me to do it.”  What I want to know is why he took a medication where they use “aborted” fetuses, when he has clearly stated he did not believe in abortion.  There are so many arguments about abortion, if it is overturned, my fear is that women will return to the kitchen table and knitting needles use in the 1950’s.

Trump refused to debate virtual, well of course he want, he cannot intimidate anyone.  I do have an issue with him using the White House for his campaigning.  The White House is the “people’s” house, it is bad enough that he sits in the White House and degrades women, people with disabilities and such, but I say “Not in my house”. 

This brings me to Trump’s “friend”, Kim Jong Un who rolled out a new ballistic missile at a rare midnight parade Saturday, experts say the new ICBM appears to be the largest road-mobile rocket of its type.  The stakes are high: US weapons experts believe North Korean missiles can strike anywhere in the US. A North Korean nuclear missile would take about 40 minutes to reach New York City once launched. However, very little is publicly known about the capabilities of North Korea’s missile technologies. Trump wanted to befriend Kim because North Korea has pristine white beach front property. Trump wanted to make a deal not as President but as a business man wanting to build hotels.

Trump is “friends” with Putin, and the Federation of American Scientists estimates that Russia possesses 6,800 nuclear weapons. China, whom Trump has “pissed off”, has 280 nuclear warheads.  Trump is like a “pit-bull”, he bites into something and will not turn loose.  If he gets four more years will he get America in a war? 

I watched his WH speech today, he is back peddling now, praising law enforcement, blacks and Latino’s, and does he think we have forgotten about “the wall”.  People just have a discussion about the bad that he has done and what he has said, do you want a president that pull children out of parents arms and lock them up in cages.  When talking about the protest, looting and burning, he said, “Well there are good people on both sides. Really!

Trump needs to be arrested and locked away, he is not solely responsible for the Virus in America but being silent when he knew it was being brought in, is criminal.  He, in my book is responsible for the deaths and is no better than Hitler.

Trump argued Saturday, that it is important for Black Americans to support law enforcement. Is he blind, how can they support law enforcement when their own race is being killed and decimated against?  I support law enforcement, there are good and bad apples in every basket, but do not ask these people who have had to live like second rate citizens since their ancestors were brought over in slave ships, to support individual that murder them.  

I am from a poor southern family, yet although we may have been dirt poor sharecroppers we could go in the front door of Bob Gibson’s BBQ, while my black friends had to go to the back door, yes not all southerners are prejudice.  We were still white, but given more respect than the Black’s.

A friend of mine Bob F. from Madison, Wisconsin, Black, he told me that he wanted to take his family from Wisconsin to Mississippi to visit relatives, but they had to drive straight threw, eat in the car, use black facilities.  In those days Black’s were not allow to stay in motels in the south and he drove for two days to get there as they were afraid to pull into waysides to sleep. In the 50’s it would be dangerous. 

As my children say, I may have been poor but my “whiteness” gave me privilege!  Folks, we are Americans, a land of immigrants, it is time to take back America. It is going to take all of us voting to really “Make it Great” again.


A President that no longer wants to acknowledge the Virus…#192

The normal facial expressions and body language of the American President.

The President of the US wants to stop testing for the Virus, his statement, if testing stops right now we would have very few cases.  Well correct, if we stop testing, we will not know the count, if we stop all data, deaths, hospital cases, etc., we will have low numbers in our statistics.  Just when I think he cannot come up with another brainless statement, he does.  It is election time, this is not the only reason for his stupid remarks, and he has been making them for the past four years.  His take on it, “it makes us look bad”.

Currently many states across the US since the reopening has spiked.  The one thing I do agree with, that masks are probably optional because the American people are truly informed about the Virus and can make their own decisions.  What I take issue with is their informed decisions will have the possibility of spreading the Virus. 

VP Pence has encouraged governors to downplay the spread of the Virus despite increased cases since “reopening” the country.  Like Trump, he too believes that testing will lead to cases that are more positive, are these two real.

It appears that Trump has convinced his base that the Virus no longer exists.  I, like many others ask the question, what happens to a country when its President no longer wants to acknowledge this Virus?


Who you going to call…#185

Defund and/or do away with police departments…go for it.  However, who are you going to call when you’re in trouble, your property is vandalized, your car stolen; or pray tell someone breaks into your home to rob and kill you.  WHO YOU GOING TO CALL?

Cutting funding for police departments or to disband them entirely has rush forward in the George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis police custody last month.  Now appears in gigantic yellow letters Black Lives Matter Plaza on 16th Street near the White House. Minneapolis City Council members announced plans Sunday to disband the city’s police department. George Floyd died in police custody and protesters say their work is not over. The concept of defunding the police is a topic of interest as protests continue. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have called for one-step toward combating what they view as institutionalized racism.

The Denver Police Department ban all uses of chokeholds.  A group of protesters in Raleigh, N.C., near the Contemporary Art Museum, painted in large yellow words “End Racism Now.”  In Seattle, a Washington National Guardsman was hit in the head with a glass bottle, when ask by police to move back.  Protesters then begin to throw fireworks, rocks and bottles at the police.  When a gun appeared among the protesters, the police used tear gas, the Mayor of Seattle ban the use of tear gas.  It’s never-ending.

Where do we stand…ban the police, let protesters kill, loot, and burn down anything they want to without repercussion?  This is all getting out of hand; we are letting protesters make the laws and rules in America.  It want work, there will be a Civil War American against American!  There has to be police to protect the innocent, the non-protesters.  It is the innocent that are having their businesses looted, defaced, burned down.  I am for justice, laws and policies for both black and white, all people in America.  How can this be right? 

This is America, this America has changed, and it is not totally Trumps fault that we have “Gone to Hell in a Hand basket”.  It is his fault for instigating much of the unrest in this country.  When will the mayhem stop?  Have we lost all logic?  Can this America be fixed, I don’t think so, it is as if America will never be the same after the Virus subsides, we will all live under a new normal. 

What happen to the Virus is it over or has the protesters give the news media better coverage.  In addition, how many protesters will now get the Virus as it spreads among them?

However, this is just my opinion


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America is in a quandary…#182

America 1950

America is in a quandary! I was born and raised in the South, moving from the country to the town of Decatur, Alabama when I was twelve-years-old. I move to Wisconsin in 1966, America was still in turmoil.


My thoughts recently have been on the 1950’s growing up as a teenager in Decatur, going to Decatur High School. My mind focusing on those seventy years ago is still clear, and the atrocities that are going on today, the times are being recreated.

Of course today’s mayhem dates back to March 3, 1991. Rodney King faced police brutality. This skyrocket police brutality, a scandal that most Americans condemned, police forces grew and evolved. In the 1950s, the police were looked on both favorably and unfavorably by various segments of the population.

Police brutality as a societal issue dates all the way back to the Industrial Revolution in the 1870s when law enforcement would physically harm workers that went on strike. The consequences of police brutality on the public are much less than the actual victim. However, damages to the public are harder to fix since the population is too large to talk to one-on-one.

Throughout the years, police brutality can be associated with racial profiling. Differences in race, religion, politics, sometimes exist between police and American citizens. Some police officers may view them as generally deserving punishment.

However, there are “GOOD” police officers in America and these police officers enjoyed wide support. It did in 1950 and it does today in 2020. In America in 1950, there was good faith in all levels of government. Nevertheless, we were pummeled with Vietnam, Watergate and other events helped erode their trust. Generally, citizens in the suburbs and middle- or upper-class white citizens in the cities regarded the police favorably.

However, the 1950s also saw great conflict. Communities strongly resented the police in the 1950s. In the South, citizens resented police for their physical brutality and abuse of power. They also mistrusted the police as a protective institution. In the 1950s, In Decatur, Alabama, my “home town”, police forces were mostly white and male.  In certain ways, the police were regarded as more powerful in the 1950s and 1960’s.

I am not proud to be a Southerner in those days; I was a “kid” and many things I did not understand. The things that I did understand were mind blowing. I grew to know that my mother was a racist, so was my older sister though behind a mask of lies. My daddy was never a racist and knew discrimination first hand, as have I, he always spoke the truth. They are no longer with us, and I still grieve for them, loving them as they were, was my only way to survive. However, I am proud that I was raised by my daddy and bought up in the Native American traditions of my daddy’s people.

What is going on today in America…I am ashamed of the entire country, I pray that it finds its way back.

However, other than the first hand knowledge about government control and family…all of this is just my opinion!




I am getting tired of Trumps tweets…#181



I go back in these days of unrest and sorrow to a time long ago when the world did not move so fast and was a more gentle time. I do not wish for the days of hunger and unknowledgeable of the worlds problems, we need to progress but must it be toward corruption and unrest. I am never without a well house of subjects to write about whether it is current or from the past. I am getting tired of Trumps tweets!

Donald Trump does not exist. He is a character who plays many roles, as a vigilante, villain, TV pitchman and a reality TV star. He is a cad, bully and WANNABE DICTATOR. He won in 2016 because is guile, bold and help from foreign sponsors…and I have to admit he has if he wants too charisma.

I like many others follow the Trump Twitter page, and unless you have had your head hidden in sand or have no means of following his tweets, you know that Donald Trump likes to tweet. Many days he tweets over 100 times, it appears that this is one of his favorite methods of communicating with the population throughout the world. It is his way to speak his mind and attack those he perceives as enemies, no one is safe.

Trump says things that no other president has ever dared to say before or probably even thought about saying. He also blocks when people offer the least bit of criticism. It is said that Trump’s tweets are his official statements, it is impossible to keep up with all of his tweets. This is one that I took off his page; there were tweets sometimes every five minutes.


A recent Tweet…

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

So ridiculous to see Twitter trying to make the case that Mail-In Ballots is not subject to FRAUD. How stupid, there are examples, & cases, all over the place. Our election process will become badly tainted & a laughingstock all over the World. Tell that to your hater @yoyoel

Currently he is fighting with Twitter, the very people who provide him with his constant outlet. He made the statement that he would shut down both Twitter and Face Book. Twitter appears to be unconcerned, knowing that this is impossible. Also, if he shut it down what would he do all day and night…his job? On the other hand, Face Book appears to siding with him against Twitter. Interesting!

The text of the First Amendment is… “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” The First Amendment also grants the basic rights to freedom of speech and of the press that are vital for a functioning democracy. It also protects the rights of people to assemble peacefully, and to petition the Government for grievances.

The First Amendment to the US Constitution protects against laws prohibiting the freedom of religion, speech, and the press, as well as the right to assemble and to petition the government. The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to freedom of speech. Nevertheless, that does not mean that people will not be offended by your words or that the First Amendment protects the right to say anything, anywhere or anytime without repercussions.

I believe that Trump has forgone his rights and the things he says is not “protected”. However, no one stops him; the high court justice system allows him to get away it. He does not have the right to use obscenity at political rallies, on social media and during interviews; Donald Trump is putting profanity in the public discourse to a degree unmatched by any previous American leader.

Fraud…He has not paid any taxes in over ten years.

Mr. Trump has used Speech integral to illegal conduct…The Constitution permits Donald Trump to make claims and proposals that others might deem unacceptable incitement. He has claimed despite lack of evidence that the Arab Americans cheer on the 9/11 attacks. The same about the “Wall” built between the US and Mexico, saying Mexicans in the US are criminals and rapists, there should be a mass deportation of illegal migrates in the US. That Muslims should be banned from entering the US solely on their religion. These are only a few that our government let Trump get away with saying. He says that he is President and that he can do anything he wants too. He also said that if he were impeached he would “pardon” himself.

I believe that everyone that deals with him undergoes an investigation until he finds something that can be made public and he uses it against them. He will fire anyone who does not agree with him. The one’s he cannot fire makes him crazy, more so than he already is. He is an embarrassment and this will go down in history books (unless he has them burned or not published) as a single individual that brought America to its knees.

However, this is just my opinion!



Our “Fake” President…#177



I read recently about an individual the proclaimed that he would honor whatever the government said that the Virus was a fake crisis. Later, he and his wife contracted the virus, he recovered; his wife was put on a ventilator.

It is time that people stop to think what is President Trump thinking when he misspeaks and makes false claims; oh, that’s right he don’t think. He has once again threatened to stop U.S. funding to the WHO, and reconsider the country’s membership in the United Nations. I cannot see the country “not” being in the United Nations, this “FAKE” president is setting this nation back years; I sometimes wonder if we will ever recover totally.   He praises and he blames, changing his mind instantly. The Chinese is accusing the United States in using China as an excuse to shirk from their financial obligation.

What the hell, if Trump pisses off every foreign country that we owe money too, and if they stop financing the United States, or want instant repayment we may be in bigger trouble than we are now. What if, all of the countries that export to the U.S. stopped, what if all of the contracts we have with these counties when we sent all of our companies “overseas” decided to run U.S. out of their countries? What if, they stop all exports to the U.S. and not allow the U.S. on their soil. Well, we have gotten ourselves in a hell of a mess, haven’t we?

His once supporter, Fox News is now on his “list”, Trump is now criticizing the network. They jumped on the new drug he is taking, fearful the public will do the same. Those taking the drug with vulnerable conditions, respiratory conditions, heart ailments, they all died. The FDA has warned those taking the drug outside a controlled study where they are watched.

Trump is tested regular for the virus, if he believes that there is no reason for his fellow citizens to fear the virus, why is he tested. John-Q-Public has a difficult time in getting this test, but the President probably has one daily. In this new claim of the drug he is taking, he believes that the benefit from the treatment outweighs the risks.

All of his actions are to open up the country so he can have a rally and fill the arena with his followers. He will receive praise and give them the showmanship that he is noted for in all of his rallies. He is waiting for a Republican governor to OK a rally. Actually, without him doing press briefings he does not have to answer questions about why he is not wearing a mask, hoping no one wears one. Trump supporters will come to a rally knowing that they have the potential to get the virus.

I am fearful that the economy will take a dive, simple items which we have become accustomed to will no longer be available when export from other countries stop. That thousands of businesses will not survive, family business will no longer be the American dream. That credit card companies will freeze the use of card due to the public’s decision to stop paying them, or send monthly payments. Items in grocery stores will be limited. Gas may be limited. Yes, another depression that will take decades for us to recover.

However, that is just my opinion


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Who is Watching the Barn Door…#175


Image result for voting Lines 1776

Image result for Voting Lines 1850

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See the source image
1956 and Nothing changes through…









My father, daddy to me was born in October 1903 to a Chickasaw mother and a white man, a dandy of sorts. My grandmother a beautiful girl of nineteen, high cheekbones and brown doe eyes caught the eye of many men in a small town, Tarrant City, Alabama, near Birmingham, a growing town in those days. She was the first born of my great-grandmother, a homely Chickasaw woman named Mary Jane Overton-Harris-Hall who scratched, clawed, cheated and lied herself into becoming a woman of means; she buried Pap my great-grandfather, unmarried; two  well off husband’s. Her only daughter Emmalyn, who died in the 1920’s from the Spanish Flu, also had an eye for men, not for wealth like her mother, but for fun, then love. This is only a small back-story of who my daddy was his class, that of an Indian;.   This post is not about the life of  my daddy, but of voting.

However, my daddy who was born in America as was his ancestors who migrated from Asia about 15,000 years ago was not given citizenship nor the right to vote until he became a grown man, twenty-one-years-old. Voting is not new… the right to vote has been an issue since it first began in 1776. The pattern for years of our government and “John-Q-Public” was if you were a “white man”, you had more rights than those of women or both men and women of a different color.

Which brings me to the subject of voting and Jared Kushner, Presidents son-in-law, Senior White House adviser suggesting that there was an uncertainty about whether the presidential election would happen in November due to the current pandemic? He stated that he had some role in making that determination. Shortly afterwards he begin to back-peddle, saying he was unaware of and not involved in any discussions about changing the date. Neither Trump nor Kushner as his adviser has any legal authority to change the timing of the presidential election.

I suspect it was a thought that came flowing out of his mouth to allow Trump time to campaign; there is only six months left for him to bring the Nation on board. Kushner’s statement reveals amazing ignorance of the Constitution and law. It appears that Kushner has no idea about laws and constitutional matters governing presidential elections. I believe most knew that Trump would try to use the Virus to reschedule the election.

Frankly, I am getting tired of politics and politicians in general. Voting has been a problem, almost from the beginning of time. A federal statute says Election Day is to be held on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. This period has been “law” since 1845; every voter must cast his or her vote on the same day. Maybe it is time that “someone”, not Trump and his bunch of criminals, to put together a committee to rewrite many of our laws, take out those that are ridiculous, start with when the Mayflower landed would be my choice. America has become a “Yours, Mine, Ours” country, no one can agree on anything.  Where did we go wrong?  Trump?

However, that is just my opinion!



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American Presidential Scandals…#170

Let me start with, that I respect the “Office” of the President, and what that office is suppose to represent. Nonetheless, federal executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government have been plagued with political scandals since the beginning of our history. Many decisions are controversial many decisions are unpopular. Scandals are not new to America.
America has a long history of unfavorable happenings, I have been researching scandals for some time, and here are a few that you might find an interesting read. I also discovered new information that I had never been aware of:

1700 – 2020…

President Andrew Johnson was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act.

Ulysses S. Grant’s Whiskey Ring – Massive corruption of administration involving whiskey taxes, bribery and kickbacks.

President Warren G. Harding’s administration was marred by scandals stemming from men in his administration who followed him from Ohio, who came to be known as the Ohio Gang.

Alexander Hamilton (Federalist Party), Secretary of the Treasury, had an affair with Maria Reynolds while both were married to other people. Reynolds’ husband blackmailed Hamilton who paid to maintain secrecy.

Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican-Virginia), President, was publicly accused of fathering the children of his slave Sally Heming’s, by journalist James Callender.

James Buchanan (Democrat), U.S. Senator, diplomat, later President of the United States, and William Rufus King (Democrat-North Carolina) who served as Vice-President under Franklin Pierce and who died in 1853 before Buchanan became president, were the subject of scandalous gossip alleging a homosexual affair in Washington, D.C., for many years. Andrew Jackson referred to King as “Miss Nancy”.


Grover Cleveland, President (Democrat-New York): During the 1884 presidential race the news broke that Cleveland had paid child support to the widowed Maria Crofts Halpin for her son Oscar Folsom Cleveland, born in 1874. [Halpin accused Cleveland of raping her, leading to her pregnancy, and she accused him of later institutionalizing her against her will to gain control of their child.

Woodrow Wilson President (Democrat) allegedly had an affair with Mary Allen Hulbert, whom he met in 1907 when he was president of Princeton University.

Warren Harding President (Republican), reportedly had affairs with Carrie Phillips and Nan Britton during the 1910s and early 1920s prior to his death in 1923.

Franklin D. Roosevelt had various extra-marital affairs beginning in 1914 and continuing until the day he died in 1945.

President Harry Truman, a Justice Department investigation of the Internal Revenue Service led to the firing or resignation of 166 lower level employees, causing him to be stained with charges of corruption.


John F. Kennedy President (Democrat), has been linked to a number of extramarital affairs, including allegations of involvement with Marilyn Monroe, with Judith Campbell Exner[40] and with intern Mimi Alford during 1962–1963.

Lyndon B. Johnson President (Democrat), had extramarital affairs with multiple women over the years, in particular with Alice Marsh who assisted him politically.

Richard Nixon Vice presidential candidate delivered the “Checkers speech” to deflect scandal about $18,000 in gifts, maintaining the only personal gift he had received was a dog.

Spiro Agnew Vice President was convicted of tax fraud stemming from bribery charges in Maryland and forced to resign. Gerald R. Ford was nominated by Nixon to replace Agnew as Vice President, becoming the first person appointed to the Vice Presidency under the terms of the 25th Amendment.

President Richard Nixon ordered the cover up of the burglary and ‘bugging’ of the Democratic Party National Headquarters at the Watergate complex. The cover up by Nixon and his staff resulted in 69 government officials being charged and 48 being convicted or pleading guilty. Eventually, Nixon resigned his office rather than face impeachment.

President George H. W. Bush denied any knowledge of the Iran–Contra affair during his election campaign by saying he was “out of the loop”. His own diaries of that time, though, stated, “I’m one of the few people that know fully the details …” He repeatedly refused to disclose this to investigators during the investigation and thus won the election.

President Bill Clinton was accused by the House of Representatives and impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice for lying under oath about consensual sexual relations with a member of his staff, Monica Lewinsky. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate and remained in office for the rest of his term. Clinton subsequently was cited for contempt of court by the Arkansas Law Association and agreed to a five-year suspension.

George W Bush White House email controversy – During investigation it was discovered that the Bush administration used Republican National Committee web servers for millions of emails, which were then destroyed, lost or deleted in possible violation of the Presidential Records Act and the Hatch Act. Bush administration payments to columnists were done with federal funds to say nice things about Republican policies. Illegal payments were made to journalists Armstrong Williams, Maggie Gallagher and Michael McManus.

  • President Donald Trump, his children, the 2016 Trump election campaign, the Trump Inaugural Committee and/or the White House were being investigated by 10 federal criminal, 8 state and local, and 11 congressional investigations, according to the New York Times. This does not include investigations into administration officials or closed investigations led by Special Counsel for the Department of Justice Robert Mueller. The Mueller investigation resulted in 34 indictments, and seven convictions or guilty pleas While adhering to Justice Department policy barring the indictment of a sitting president, the Special Counsel did pass on to Congress “numerous instances in which President Trump may have obstructed justice.” Moreover, he continues…This individual has done or said so many vile things it is hard to keep up with it all. The only thing that I have not heard him called is the “Antichrist.

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