Presidential Gaffes…#393

Presidential Gaffes…#393

I am neither Republican nor Democrat at this writing; I am frankly, as an American ashamed of many of the current president and past presidents’ “gaffes.”

It appears that the media is trying to place Joe Biden as the only president that has made “mistakes” clearly, this is not true. Republicans have tried to point out, and successfully I might say, that Joe Biden has cognitive problems. The media and republicans have painted him as being senile.

Might I remind those who have a dislike for Biden’s mistakes that, in my opinion, Donald Trump must have been given the label of “the worst” since the beginning of time? Republicans did not see or care about what Trump said, and his statements are much worse than Joe Biden’s. Here are a few.

He insulted John McCain’s war record.

He has insulted brown people, black people, Muslim people, Jewish people, and women.

He insulted the grieving parents of a dead soldier.

He mocked a disabled person.

He expressed admiration for dictators.

He stated that if Hillary Clinton gets to pick her judges, maybe the Second Amendment people could take up arms against her if she is elected president. Isn’t

Is this what Trump suggested about this past election? Remember January 6?

He suggested that President Obama was the founder of ISIS and Hillary Clinton was the co-founder. The list goes on and on.

Time has not changed these “mistakes” if they were mistakes.

FDR served the King and Queen of England hot dogs and Coke. Much has been written about how the royals thought about this meal.

Carter admitted to liking women, scandalous in those days.

Obama misspoke about the Special Olympics.

My all-time favorite…George W. was famous for “putting his foot in his mouth.”

I hope that as Americans, we can put aside our petty differences and support our country and elected officials. Stop finding fault in every word, misspoken or otherwise. Work together as we have always done in this country. We have always had the greatest country in the world; let’s fight to keep it that way. People and Americans are talking about leaving her. Well, she has just stumbled a bit. Let’s all keep her from falling.



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5 thoughts on “Presidential Gaffes…#393

  1. Great post! Thanks for this. I will say that, out of all of our presidents, performance record aside, Jimmy Carter remains my favorite person to have been president. What a role model for all human beings!! Thanks for following my blog!

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