Stop Daydreaming and Live Life …#392

I hope that I have learned many things as I have walked through this journey, walked a path that is redeemable. I had no choice for the first 52 years of my life on direction and plans. I lived in a world created by my mother, then my husband. It has been a short 30 years of making my own choices in life. I have spent 20 of those 30 years trying to find out who I was and in what direction I was going. Again, I hope that they have been the right ones.

In those 30 years, I have lost my daddy and my mother. My biological sister and ex-husband have passed on to their next journey. I have an adopted sister who has chosen not to have anything to do with me. Her reason was only that of her own. I sometimes think that our mother’s control over her in life has continued in death. I believe she is trying to carry my mother’s hate for me on into our lives with her gone. She has hardened throughout the years, and I feel bad that she lets her fear of a dead mother continue to chart her life course. I ask God to watch over her and her family. It saddens me to think I will die without ever seeing her again.

Life is too short, and we must never allow the beliefs of another to get in our way of living life to its fullest. Life gives us grief and sorrow, life can deceive and disappoint you, but it can also bring satisfaction, loving children, and joy. You have heard the saying, “He or She has a mind of their own.” These words are so true. We can dig holes and cover ourselves up, shut down and let life pass us by, or we can dig ourselves out, embrace life, and live it to its fullest. Create the world that your life is in Heaven, not hell.

World-Weariness –

The sands of time explode with agony.

The sun is dying!

The moon will be one day.

Be Heaven’s only enchanted view.   Be

Watchful, beware, the hours are few.


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