July 7,2022 Forgiving Evil…#389

Forgiving evil. Within this past year, I have removed the toxic people from my life. It was not an easy thing to do. However, after years of forgiving their toxic ways over and over, it was beginning to affect my health. Then another evil entity came to visit, CANCER.

There are some evils that one cannot forgive; you must first love before you have the need to forgive. There are evils in our nation, our world that I cannot love; therefore, I have no reason to forgive. Some things are just too evil to forgive.

I love those that became toxic in my life dearly, and I have forgiven them. Was I perfect? No, but I was not filled with toxicity as they were. I had room in my soul to forgive and still love, even though they do not feel they have done anything wrong.

I wish the world could be like my fur baby Dixie. She is filled with so much love she believes that she belongs to everyone, and she shows them what love she has to offer. Most return her love. I believe Dixie sometimes keeps me alive, my prayers, and those who send me their prayers, thoughts, love and having a wonderful family.

During our lifetimes, we can give and take love; it will go on if you continue to fill all your empty places with passion, mindfulness, and kindness. EAJM 


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3 thoughts on “July 7,2022 Forgiving Evil…#389

  1. 💜 Personally I Practice “Forgiving” My “Toxicity” EveryOne instead of BLAMING!!! and Finding Fault with EveryBody Else who is “Toxic” because THEY DON’T AGREE WITH ME!!! and Don’t do as THEY!!! ARE TOLD like a Dog Does; when We Forgive OurSelves even the Most Heinous “Evil” is Forgivable…as Jesus, Whipped, Crowned with Thorns and Nailed to a Cross, Speared in The Heart to Ensure Death said “Father, “Forgive” Them for They Know What They Do” then Resurrected and I AM NOT!!! Remotely Christian; but My “Toxic” Mom is and I AM NOT!!! “Removing” this “Toxic” Human Being of a Mother who Carried Me for Nine Months, Cared For and Abused Me from “My Life” because SHE!!! Has HER!!! “Toxic” Issues and I AM HER!!! First Born


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    1. Yes, if you lined all of us up…you would think that many of us shared the same parents, siblings and those who do evil. Yet, I do believe, my opinion only that there are some that are unforgivable to humans. I do realize that God loves all and that Jesus died for our sins. Is this where it was suppose to end, did anyone think as the years went on that we would continue as humans need to be forgiven. There are those who never change. I husband beating a wife because she was just there. A father who sexually abused his children because he can then threaten that they not tell anyone. The list goes on. Yernasis, thank you for the comment. I always enjoy seeing your name come up. E

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