July 6, 2022…#388

My Stage 3 – Multi Myeloma continues to hold its own as I continue 22 days per month “Chemo.” As I have stated before, it is treatable but not curable. Mine will never be in remission. In life, we get these “burdens” that we must bear or lessons we must learn.

 I have been working on my biography, which has left me little time for anything else. I have had one family member request that she not be in my book. I do not have a problem with that! Everyone I would place in the book is gone; I can go into deeper depths about what my life was like from the beginning. It will mostly be about my life as a wife; the book’s beginning will cover my birth, childhood, and a few teen years. My poetry is based on this era, and I understand that much of it is “dark.” However, all my poetry books are based on hard times, trials and tribulations.

I must route around some distant family members who may have problems bringing them into my story. Yet, I have found that when we love others, we expect that they will love us back, I have cared deeply for many, and the feeling was not returned. These are those who will be eliminated.

Am I lovable may be a good question; I believe I am? I am not perfect; I have been stubborn and sometimes judgmental. I have worked on this flaw in me for many years; I am still climbing that mountain of “self” I hope the downside will be easier. So, back to the book.

Have a great July. EAJM


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