My life has consisted of stolen moments whispering voices descending from yesterday’s clouds waiting for the winds of tomorrow. They gently caress the heart, trying to take away all pain and sorrow. In the quiet twilight, a glimpse at dominant emotions and the spirit cries yesterday will never return, and the life of painlessness will never come.

Will the soul ever be free! Evolving into the now from a world of pain, time journeys onward, and the spirit understands life stays the same. Emerging from a life that only the mind and body know, and then there is the never-ending wait for a new life without pain to begin, yet there will never be a new beginning.

Tears no longer fall upon paling cheeks; truth stays hidden deep within the soul; finally, I realize that the true story may never be told. Living alone day after day becomes a way of life; the cocooned pain keeps away sorrow and strife. I wait for the pain to end!


13 thoughts on “Cocooned…#361

  1. I once wrote about a Prize Fighter Named Pain – an unrelenting adversary who jabs then dodges then comes back harder with a right hook…I’m so sorry for your battles. Pain wears the body down which, in turn, torments the spirit.
    Bless your heart, as we say in the south.

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  2. dear Elizabeth, again I am reminded of Rose Auslander, who said about the relationship with er mother as one of unrequited love – yet she returned from US to be in the ghetto with mother –
    best wishes,

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