Cemetery Angels


Hatred –
An unwanted Soul –
At birth cast away –
Scared and burdened with emotional wounds throughout its journey on earth.  Never knowing the touch of a mother’s hand, no words of I love you, one child was showered with love, the other the mother could not stand. All of the tomorrows’ the path long and steep; it searched a lifetime to asking why did the mothers’ anger run so deep.  A lifetime of sadness, the hate clear; the mother was spiteful. 
 The moment the mother was laid in the ground.  Truth in its abandonment never found, this abused Soul tries to remember that understanding and unhappiness are closely bound.  Band from seeing her mother in those last precious days, lies told many things stole.  The soul now grown did not want her possessions, she hoped to hear her say the words, I love you, but it was too late.  To the end the mother held on to her hate.
When anger and depression fuse together, they give birth to madness.  Loathing emotions born out of the pits of darkness holds an emptiness and void that can never find contentment.  Madness thinks of death, is in harmony with Stillness.  It feels pain, lives in blackness,  hopes for nothing; survives as its opponent living life be aware-its toxic and filled with madness.



13 thoughts on “Madness…#343

  1. thank you for your writing; I felt prompted to respond haiku-like from my experience of no mother love, how Life came loving me instead; hope it did not sound disrespectful – seems to have disappeared into cyber space anyhow; best wishes –

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