Broken Bones and Tainted Blood…#339

My screams are silent - 

Instant mad insanity -
Scattered - 
Crushed - 
 Tainted -  
Misery at it's worse,
mind open to emotional 
torture, screams wailing
bringing self, and  the mind 

to unthinkable thoughts.
Paranoid  scenes, unknown people.
Unknown, unbelievable actions.
Mind searched for a way out.
Fear begins within, and I am now 

a hostage in this place of misery?
A room with no way out?

My back is broken, a clean break,

that snapped like a  dry twig in

the fall.
Something grips my soul
The hospital bed is spinning
Covers flying in all directions
the cup of ice water finds my 
ridged face
Is death cold?
I hear trombones playing soulful 

music  in the distance,
Now it is all returning to my normal.
Have I hit my head once too often, 

have  I seen the scattering of blood
I questioned my misery, lying there 

on the cold damp tile,
Have I finally gone mad?




Elizabeth Ann Johnson Murphree | Barnes & Noble® (bar

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