May 28, 2021…#334

Dear Followers and Readers, it would seem that over the past few months that I have been on the downside of health.  I have been in the hospital twice, and I am still fighting a health problem.  I just had my third fall, and I was in the hospital at the time.  This, of course led to a barrage of test.  The results more test than I care to count.  The final diagnosis on Thursday May 27 was bone cancer.  Needless to say my life has done a flip-flop and many adjustments must be made; over the next five months I will undergo chemotherapy, and most knows what that does to the body.  I am permanently over those months unable to walk without assistance; a wheelchair will allow me to move about without falling.  This plan may have a good outlook, walk alone, or I will have to continue with this mode of getting around.  My immune system is gone; therefore, I have to monitor my visitors.  I will continue to work on the blog when possible; since life for me is confined I may get more done that first thought.  I have a work of fiction that I want to complete.  I will stay busy and fight with all I have to beat the odds and the seven year life span that the doctors have said I have to live.  I want to thank you for your continued support and hope you will continue to stop by to see any new entries.

All my love and adoration,


16 thoughts on “May 28, 2021…#334

  1. Not good news Elizabeth … wishing all the best during your theraphy process over the ensueing months … I think you are a strong character, and this will help you win your battle .. Cheers. Ivor. .. Geelong. Australia..

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    1. 💜 If Any of YOU!!! ARE Religious, then understand These Words of Brother Jesus; which (WITCH!!! 🤔 ?) ARE “YOU!!! Have Healed ThySelf.”


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  2. This is, indeed, a difficult time for you – and I will be hoping for your successful treatments. You are an inspiration to your fellow writers. We will look forward to your words whenever you feel like writing. Onward.

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