With each mornings shaft of light 
I begin my conflict of words, sometimes 
I let the tears fall and sadness engulfs 
me.  Sometimes I smile!  I tell myself to 
“hush”; it is too late my soul dies further 
toward the end as time goes on.
Sometimes I am weak, my heart locked 
away too long?  Thoughts are concealed, 
feared, live and move forward out of blame.  
The heart beats on as the voices in my head 
feed from the heart with each beat.  My words 
continue quarreling with my mind.
Has life been no more that random destiny’s?  
How lighthearted my life has been, lies, 
lies to keep the outside world in dumbness.  
Daily I drink from the cup of dissension, 
and erratic thoughts, words, look into my soul, 
despite pending doom I float thoughtless in 
the river of my life with my words clinging 
to my throat like gnarled fingers.     
Buried in the cesspools gathering on the 
shore the river flows with ambiguity.  Life is 
eternally blind!  My words flow from within, 
buried in knowledge, found by fire.  The 
mystery of my heart beats, words line by line. 
 Am   I  worthless.  Hour after hour the 
words demand power, read what pulses 
through my veins.
Life flows, arrives and moves on, from 
morning glow to evening sunset; it winds 
through the valley’s filling with expression.  
The words, a story from the hours past, they 
rise from within to the page swirling in the 
cesspool at the river’s edge.  They cannot move
 on into the river of life, they must remain as 
the past.  I wait for the morning shaft of light
 and life.      




Elizabeth Ann Johnson Murphree | Barnes & Noble® (

13 thoughts on “Life…#332

  1. ❤ I Tried Dying in The Absence of Suicide;: didn’t work and I Ain’t Committing Suicide, I AM Far Too Special for Suicide

    .. 💛💚💙…

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      1. Yernasia, thank you for returning to address my comment. I would say, that most of my poetry is on the dark side. I have lived eight decades, and experienced much in this lifetime. I love writing in free verse, it fulfills my need to heal, mind, body and soul. I love myself and draw upon those dark days to write. I appreciate your comments, please stop by again. E.

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      2. 💜 No probs E. YOU!!! ARE Most Welcome and Thank YOU!!! for YOUR!!! Kinds; as a Co-Creative I love and appreciate YOUR!!! Creative Output, please keep it up as I KNOW!!! The Wider Community Loves and Appreciates it too 🌄🌃🌅


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