Bitter Recollection…#322

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Bitter Recollection…

A crystal moon,

a frozen branch

waving outside a

window, a fire, ash

blowing in the air,

a charred log;

memories, extensive

and angry, like a

paper chain flowing

in the wind of life. 

Remember, the day,

the hour, each day, each

hour, destiny, insistently

climbing, seeking,

nothing in life is forgotten.


The poem was created from an excerpt from a novella rough draft called “Memories”.

Bitter recollection, the crystal moon glowing nestled in a bed of shining stars.  A frozen branch beating against the ice covered windowpane.  A fire now a bed of black ash being pulled up the chimney into the night air.  Memories come and go some widespread, some angry, linked together like a paper chain trailing behind me in life.  I remember the day, hour, was it my destiny?  I reach for tomorrow, guarding my life’s memories; I do not want to forget.



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