Oh Day of Weeping…#321

Oh Day of Weeping

One day the earth will evaporate into the universe,

oh what a painful day.  Where will the judge sit in

all his excellence and exquisiteness, determining a

horror, which no one will escape? 

Will you hear the trumpets in hell, or will you get

an invitation to Heaven?  Death and nature trembling

together, waking to wild winds filled with deadly

shrouds.  No more romances, no more extenuating


The King, will make decisions as to who will come

home.  His magnificence amazes, as before him

the hot and dirty pits of hell that rages. 

Is it too late to sing his praises?  He is the one who

decides the death blows, or pardons.   Seek peace

follow him no matter how tired you may be; it is

he that will judge you on your prejudices. 

Are you guilty, as you gaze into the pits of hell,

pedophile, murderer, thief or whore, is it too late

to change your thoughtless ways, judgment day

is here, pray, pray, pray.  Will you dismiss the

punishment of hell? 

Prone and pleading, when your death is ignited

with the flames of hell, will you then ask to be

saved?  Oh day of weeping, men and women come

forth, do not continue to be selfish and cruel. 

Now is the time to pray, shout out to the land and

sea, please God spare me. 


Books by Author at Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com:

  1. Fragments of Time
  2. A Passage into Madness
  3. Asterial Thoughts
  4. A Sachet of Poetry
  5. Rutted Roads
  6. Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts
  7. Reflections of Poetry
  8. Beyond the Voices
  9. Honeysuckle Memories
  10. Echoing Images from the Soul
  11. A Journey into the Soul

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