#Bookreview: Born of Love

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Elizabeth Gauffreau holds a BA in English/Writing from Old Dominion University and an MA in English/Fiction Writing from the University of New Hampshire. Her fiction publications include short stories in Adelaide Literary Magazine, The Long Story, Soundings East, Ad Hoc Monadnock, Rio Grande Review, Blueline, Slow Trains, Hospital Drive, and Serving House Journal, among others. Her poetry has appeared in The Writing On The Wall, The Larcom Review, and Natural Bridge.

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Elizabeth Gauffreau

Rita Baker’s Mother

Review of Born of Love

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Born of Love by Rita Baker opens with a gripping scene of a young woman who has just hurled herself into the sea off Ellis Island. As the icy water numbs her, she recalls the shock of learning that her parents withheld her true heritage from her until she was sixteen, this shock followed shortly by the death of her parents in a freak accident just as the family was set to emigrate from Poland to America. Before she can sink into oblivion, she is plucked from the sea by two young men who represent both sides of her heritage: Sean O’Malley, who is Catholic, and Maurice Bloom, who is Jewish. So begins Tova’s journey to find true love. The year is 1908.

From the title of the book, as well as…

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