I Did As I Was Told

A long read, but never a regret for the time spent at Derrick’s blog. Always interesting, always informative, follow this blog all posts are outstanding. E.


Today Nick Hayter continued turning our kitchen into a magazine-worthy product such as it can never have been since the house was built.

In the meantime I scanned another batch of colour slides from

Highgate West cemetery, mostly from September 2008.

The bluebells in this image including the gravestone of Henry and Eric Holgate, suggest and earlier month in the year.

The Egyptian Avenue reflects the Victorian fascination with that culture.

One of the mausoleums in another avenue contains the remains of Marguerite Radclyffe-Hall who still receives floral tributes after her death in 1943. brittanica.com writes of her:

Radclyffe Hall, byname ofMarguerite Radclyffe-hall, (born Aug. 12, 1880,Bournemouth,Hampshire, Eng.—died Oct. 7, 1943, London), English writer whosenovelThe Well of Loneliness(1928) created a scandal and was banned for a time in Britain for its treatment oflesbianism.

Hall was educated at

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11 thoughts on “I Did As I Was Told

  1. Thanks so much for this – I was delighted to see the mausoleum for Radcylle Hall. Her book The Well of Loneliness was one of the first books I ever read about being a lesbian. I remember it as a rather dark novel without optimism of hope for those of us who are born with that orientation.
    Thank goodness for my college psychology professor at the University of Texas in Austin who posed the question, what do I say in counseling a happy homosexual? (in 1965 when homosexuality was not only a diagnosed illness, illegal and subject to the flames of hell in my Southern Baptist heritage)
    It was the first time I had considered being happy in my life. I believe it saved my life.Thank goodness for Dr. Holmes.

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    1. What a wonderful comment. I love blogging because of all the great people I come in contact with and enjoy their blogs. Sheila I understand the old Southern Baptist situation, I too was brought up in that church; and I must say I taught 5YO Sunday School for ten years. Religion to me, is the many that I believe in today. My mother, the church did not understand my “loner” personality when I became a teen. I left the church and the mother behind. Of course, how tragic to say… but at my age I still search for “who I am”. However, I am today living my life as I want too. Again, I think you are an exceptional person, I am honored to have you among my followers. Keep visiting, I love it. E.

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