Beware of the Politician…#304

Beware of the Politician

Poetry written in 2012, times do not change…

In this tedious, disastrous land

We must be doubtful of the

Political ignorant.

They seize my senses in how

They deceive and when called

Out they act belligerent.

They are slowly taking from us

The values we hold dear.

Beware the politicians

Control our lives and rule by



20 thoughts on “Beware of the Politician…#304

    1. I am great, thank you. After these many hundreds of years nothing will ever change. I do know we need to vote out anyone over sixty years old, that would get rid of half or more of them. I believe that none of them should be able to stay in office over eight years (same as president); this would include the Supreme Court. This would clear out a lot of old set in their ways. Start over one at a time, vote out the old guys, and gals. Have a great weekend, we are to get snow tomorrow and it is 9 degrees out today. E.

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      1. I agree with many points. Forced retirement after 60-65. After all, in the private sector everybody is kicked out then or even earlier…
        Snow? Should be pretty. Stay warm… ❄️

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      2. I understand. I don’t like cold too much either. Actually the only time I liked snow was during my student days in Lyons when I went skiing often in the Alps… ❄️ Stay warm.

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    1. Thank you…it is time for a change. However, if they spend months trying to see if America’s hungry children need stimulus money, I doubt if they started now it would take several life times to get it passed. Our government has been this way all my life, and that covers a distance. Thanks again. E.

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