Beware of Beneath the Ground…#305

Poetry Free Style

Beware Beneath the Ground

Thieves, vagrants, gangs, satanic cults, catacombs beneath the streets a place where unsavory people meet.  Ask the old man on the corner and he will say it is below the earth where evil lurks, as he smiles his face forms a smirk.

Rituals that are created straight out of hell, if you will stay long enough his story he will tell, then he will take you quickly to a doorway leading to hell.  He will say, mind my word if you go down below the ground your body will have welts and scratches and you are surrounded by growling sounds. 

Words of caution it may be fate, if you adventure out at night, ghosts are not the only thing lying in wait.  If you poke fun at my story and go beneath the ground, you too may never be found.


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