Doom…(Free Style Poetry)#257


Somewhere outside everyone’s door is the gateway to the city of doom; the door leads to another sphere of everlasting pain, mentally and physically.  If you walk willingly, and confident you may be able to handle the tragedy waiting.  Tucked deep inside your confidence is fear; within the fear are secret things, distrust and lies.

The darkness is the most evil; or a blood red moon framed by the stars.  Strange tongues are heard frightful and shrill, filled with anger.  Fear fills souls, even the depths of hell may refuse them and they will be lost forever in the darkness.

Is there hope in death, will there be memories of the earth of the lives that remain behind? Souls cry loudly, their tears flow like the waterfalls of time.  Will there be rebirth, blaspheming is terrible in the wailing of fate.

A bitter flood rushes the consciousness of nearing doom.  It is in darkness that some are given a second chance to feel the love of God upon their faces. If they refuse the ground breaks from beneath the feet of lost souls, they sink into a senseless dark dreadful shore. 


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