Hitler/Trump possessing the same traits…#250

Donald Trump’s destroying America.  He has tempted his followers into rebellion; they have achieved this with Trump stoking the fires of hatred and discrimination.    His thoroughness to deny the reality of defeat has threatened our democracy.  The Germans also argued that they had been stabbed in the back by liberals, socialist, communist and Jews.  That they had victory jerked from them.  This is how Donald Trump thinks today about the 2020 election, is he getting his teaching from Germany?

Trump is an evil man, possessing the same traits as Adolph Hitler. He is a sadist, without regard for human life.  He enjoys inflecting damage and suffering, the bullying, the violence, the destruction, frightening people, humiliating people, getting revenge and the like, is the behavior of  Donald Trump.

Hurting people makes Trump feel good about himself. It makes him feel powerful and in control.  It proves that you have been forced to notice him, Donald J. Trump, is the author of your despair and master of your world.


24 thoughts on “Hitler/Trump possessing the same traits…#250

  1. Elizabeth, He is certainly not the author of my despair and master of my world. I have no despair in regards to him. I lend no mastery to my world to anyone other than myself in the context of my own sovereignty. I sidestep him. He has no mental illness. He has a Psychological Disorder of the Psychopathic type. Sidestepping even the psychologist gave of him, he is simply an abusive asshole, a negative note taken in my docket. Personally, he is not worthy of discussion.He only brings up the point of an enraged portion of society that has been unheard in their loud and abusive environments that they grew up in. He is a bane to anything positive, as I gather that he, hypocritically, would not even entertain most, if not all, admittance to his hotels and golf courses. I gather that he is disgusted with his constituency, is alone, and deserving nothing ore than being dispensed with as a direct product of a demon of a dad and a doormat of a mom. It’s a shame that environmental conditions can shape us so, though with him, they certainly did. He provides a wonderful lesson in how abuse and interference-pattern noise is vexatious to the spirit.

    No author of anything in my world. I do not receive his kind of behavior as an uppercut. I dispense his type as they are sloppy and poisonous fighter where the word ‘empathy’ is alien.

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  2. Without a doubt he is evil and all the things you say. And without a doubt, he modeled himself on Hitler. But there is one difference. In order to keep support for him and the war high, Hitler strengthened the welfare state and wanted to see ordinary (Aryan) Germans fed and contented. This is a level of concern that looks like the highest altruism when compared with the tRump who cares about nothing but himself.

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  3. I agree about the evil. I mentioned that to my daughter and she said that Trump is not as smart as Hitler and Hitler had a plan and Trump just catapults from one mess to another. I do agree with her. I see Trump as evil but very dumb. That is why he is always saying he’s a genius!🤣

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  4. Dear girl, I have compared some of his drives to Hitler, but in reality his drives have more nuance. They contain more greed, narcissism, out and out lies and inability to see a whole. On the other hand, he is stubborn, vain (see hair color and choice of wife), divisive, mercilessly and tastelessly ambitious (insists on ‘bit’ parts in any movie that uses his property, threatening permission if they film with him)…Yes, they can be compared. He has imprisoned children, taken them from their parents, put them behind wired camps. I shall not write further. At this point! (I’ve written masses about Mr T – don’t even like yo use his name anymore)


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  5. Here’s something I wrote in 2018. I don’t remember if it was the Paradise California fire or another in California where he blamed the victims. Coincidentally it’s almost exactly in the tone you wrote with a slightly different emphasis.

    Born Without The Empathy Gene

    Forests, buildings in all forms,
    Serving every kind of need;
    Pets and animals on farms,
    Insects, birds of every breed,
    Large four-legged wild things
    Who can but walk and jump and spring:
    Gone! In heated breathing pain!

    Then there’s a one I shall not name
    Who blames the what…. the very victim!
    Too inadequate to chat about.
    Too awful when the world’s in shock.
    Impossible to justify but not take stock of:
    A commander of the hour and all that,
    Condemning policies
    Intended to save all that breathes.
    Impossible to comprehend
    That one who, close up, sees an end
    Can send out messages of blame…

    If there’s a gene for empathy’s ability
    To share the feelings of another;
    Feelings of and for misfortunes other than beloved mother,
    Then the pathos em- and sym-pathy seem absent
    In a president
    Of of such a land that needs no mention,
    The intention not to put a voodoo
    On you probably know who.

    For I, a mini- no one
    Filled with em- and sym- down to my colon
    Cry with all the torment and affliction,
    Trauma and despair of all the beings there
    Where nothing can be done.
    Last urgent line: pray for everyone!.

    Born Without The Empathy Gene 11.11.2018/revised 12.12.2020 Our Times, Our Culture II; Circling Round Nature II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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  6. I was living in NYC when Trump first crawled out from under his rock and I began trying to warn people about him then. Sadly, hearing is selective and the Kool-Aid abundant.
    Now, I watch online as I’ve been an ex-pat since 2007.
    Unfortunately, Hearing is selective and the Kool-Aid abundant may be the nation’s epitaph I hope not..

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  7. Hi there
    You seem to have forgotten George Soros, who is far more like Hitler than Mr Trump. And George doesn’t support Trump any more than you do it seems.

    As Soros was originally Schwartz, or Black in English, he is the true Black man with a black heart who doesn’t care for humanity. All you have written applies to him far more than Trump.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael The Resoluteprotector’sson

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