Sacrifice: Our Time Is Now

I reached out to someone this morning just to check in. Trying to follow my own beliefs that if we simply ask, “How are you?” that we may catch them at a time, when they need us most. The first reply was, “Oh my God, you have good intuition.” I waited for what was to follow. To hear how she is doing. 

The following is the story she told me. We all need to hear this with our ears, hearts, and minds. Put aside your politics for a moment and hear some truth from someone on the front lines of this pandemic. She gave me permission to write this so I hope I can articulate it well enough and bring her emotion and truth to the forefront and maybe open some eyes out there. We are in a serious crisis. 

This woman works in the ICU of a local hospital. She said that they are at full capacity. The doctors are pulling staff together trying to prepare them for what is about to come. More death is certain. Patients are being placed on ventilators, they cannot breathe, some are dying. Through her tears, she started to tell me how many of the patients are young, otherwise healthy people. One woman is thirty seven, being medflight in from another town. Another man is fifty-two, his wife is not able to come into the ICU and see him as he struggles. They are preparing to move patients to makeshift hospitals. She’s drained, frightened because healthcare workers know it’s getting worse and eventually they will not be able to keep up and help patients, which is their calling, their oath. To hear this in her own words was heartbreaking. It brought tears to my eyes as she talked about how we are in trouble because our society as a whole is not taking this seriously. 

Those are her words from her story this morning, now here are mine. Wake up people! The toll that this pandemic is taking on healthcare workers is astounding. It’s not unlike being in a war zone. We are at war against a virus that is not invisible. It’s right in our face, the faces of those suffering. Our health care workers are being traumatized by climbing up a muddy hill that they keep falling back down because they can’t get a handle on this thing. It eats them up when they see people at bars, restaurants, weddings, large social gatherings, and not taking this seriously. When we talk of bringing hundreds of kids to school. It’s a slap in the face to them, a big, “fuck you!” when you call this pandemic a hoax or propaganda. I don’t think it’s propaganda or a hoax to that fifty-two year old man’s wife who has to sit outside an ICU waiting to hear if her husband will die or not. 

This is our time in history to respond, to act with bravery and sacrifice. When we look back at crucial times in our world’s history: The Spanish Flu, Holocaust, World War Two, Civil Rights, Vietnam, 911, and the list goes on, and we see how our country responded, it was with valor and sacrifice. People were willing to place their own needs aside and do what was best for humanity as a whole. Now, with the political divide, there is also a pandemic divide, and it’s killing our nation. We are not “One Nation Under God.” We are not bringing our spiritual heritage and constitution to the forefront of our core beliefs. Not that the system worked for everyone, but we are moving farther away from having any system at all. Instead, hostility and selfishness is taking over.

We have people that cannot decide if we should send kids back to school or not. Teachers are becoming the scapegoats to what is wrong with education. Even educators themselves are divided. Think for one moment if a student dies on your watch because we didn’t sacrifice and take this seriously. Think how you would feel if a colleague who you worked with daily, was no longer there because of our selfishness. You think the pandemic and being out of school is taking its toll on our mental health. Well, wait until you have to deal with death first hand. I’ve had my share of death and tragedies in my lifetime, so I know it’s not easy to recover from. Actually, you don’t ever recover. Healthcare workers are begging us to be safe and sacrifice now in order to have a life later. 

No one is saying close businesses and don’t go to work, but use common sense. Start thinking about the person next to you instead of your own needs. 

I see conservatives calling people who believe in the pandemic “sheep.” How is looking out for others, our fellow man and woman, a bad thing? Our issue right now is not political. It is about morals, ethics, what is right and wrong. The past few years I have seen morals on the decline. I do not wear a mask to protect me. I wear it to protect you. I do not go to large social, indoor gatherings of any kind to protect me. I make that sacrifice for you. I sacrifice because it is our time. It’s our time to show the world what we are made of. We need to sacrifice now so we can give our children a future. That’s what our grandparents and great grandparents did. They showed empathy towards one another and put their needs and comfort aside so we could ultimately recover and have a better life and prosper. This is not happening during this crisis. Too many are showing their true character and our society is suffering because of it. 

You don’t need to listen to my words, but you better listen to the words of our healthcare workers that are sacrificing everything for us all. They see it first hand, the suffering and turmoil that this virus is causing. It’s no hoax. It’s not a propaganda stunt by the far left. It’s time to wake up before it’s too late. That is not a scare tactic, it is reality, coming from those that are experiencing this first hand. 

We did not ask for this but it is our time to do something about it. To pull together instead of become more divided. Lives depend on it. Our future depends on it. 

Be well and for the love of God, take care of one another. That has new meaning these days. 


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