Yes, another political post…#244

President Trump has said that this Election Day will be the most exciting in U.S. history, while mocking Joe Biden.  On Saturday night, Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said the president has been cleared to return to an active schedule and has met criteria from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to end isolation.  Then why don’t we see the results of his test?  If Trump “does” have the Virus, and it has been proven, the Dr. Sean Conley and anyone else who has said he is “Cured” needs to be jailed as a criminal along with Trump.

Also, now that Trump has fallen down in the polls he will begin his pursuit on ballot tampering so that he can insist on the true winner is the decision of the Supreme Court.  He will then be counted the winner as the Supreme Court being mainly Republican will give it to him, the Bush/Gore ticket.  Joe Biden will need to win by a landslide; even then Trump will contest the vote.

Biden has served in public life for fifty years; his government experience is at his forefront.    He has become agitated at times with Trump, but he has never stooped to the low that Trump has reached.  Biden is a politician, and has proven worthy of respect for his service.  Trump is a business man, he has had a TV reality show, where all he had to say was, “You’re fired”, and this he has carried over into the White House.  His success is measured in fame, money and power, a being born into one of Americas wealthiest families did not hurt him.  He takes the stance of “If you think you have problems, look what the pandemic has done to my presidency”.  Trump is a political drama queen!

Stop to reflect on the past four years and look objectively as to why Donald Trump should not be re-elected. Need a visual, have we shut our eyes? Is this what you want to deal with another four years? These children are still in cages, many of these pictures reminds you of who he actually is as a human being. Remember, and vote for the best choice now.

Trump update: Trump is back to open-face rallies, however, his Dr. does say and I quote:

“Dr. Conley’s use of the Binex-NOW test appears to fall outside the scope of the FDA’s emergency use authorization of it, which states the test should be used “within the first seven days of symptom onset”; Trump developed symptoms 10 days ago.

However, Dr. Bobbi Pritt, chair of clinical microbiology at the Mayo Clinic, told the Association of American Medical Colleges that PCR tests might show positive results even though someone isn’t actively infectious: “You can be PCR-positive for weeks to months but you probably aren’t infectious. You’re just shedding little bits of dead RNA. The test does not distinguish live virus from dead virus,” she said.

11 thoughts on “Yes, another political post…#244

  1. It seems that is an emotional and not a rational vote. From the outside, we see what you see, but then I read pieces from Trump supporters that disregard what is happening. Wishing the States well in this election.

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