pda. (pandemic dating adventures)

She is a joy to read, she writes about life.

I didn't have my glasses on....

it’s been an adventure to say the least. 

(not saying who is who, but we unmasked for the photo)

“dating isn’t just about dating anymore. you are picking your potential apocalypse partner. choose wisely, folks.” 

-word porn

image credit: google images

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“Generational Value Clash” by Carl D’Agostino

Enjoy the brilliant mind of Carl D’Agostino.

I Know I Made You Smile

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Since I will be away for a few days I am bringing you some of my favorite blogs. Enjoy these wonderful bloggers. E.


On this bright and sunny morning here was I working with WordPress innocently oblivious of just what the Head Gardener meant by tidying up Félicité Perpétue and the shrubs she had been swamping. I had picked a few tomatoes.

Assuring me that the rose would be glorious in a couple of years, she proudly showed me how far she had got, ensuring that my tomatoes featured in the photograph to cheer me up.

By the time we visited Everton Post Office and continued for a forest drive the temperature had become quite hot.

I have already featured Robert Gill’s scarecrow in http://derrickjknight.com/2020/08/20/more-water-for-the-animals/ The notice attached to this home in Everton Road advises that this witty and well-made offering is one of six entrants, the list of which is available on line. We drove round for a while looking for the other four, but didn’t find any. The annual trail is…

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Daily Quip

Love this. E.

Butterfly Sand

If your past is remembered, it is not gone.

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