Donald Trump Pandering for the Black Vote…#236

Donald Trump said that he is devising a plan to get the “Black” Vote, so now he want to “romance” the Black’s in America.  Donald Trump comes under the statement “Sheep in Wolfs clothing”.

Trump has been sued for violating the Fair Housing Act, evidence was found that Trump refused to rent to Black tenants.  Itis said that when he came to his casino’s Black people had to get off the floor.  He has been known to say that Blacks have a trait to be lazy.  Trump falsely accused Obama as not being a citizen.  Trump has suggested that Senator Kamala Harris, “doesn’t meet the requirements” to run for vice president.  He has stated that, Blacks are “Living in poverty, schools are no good”.  What have you done to correct this Mr. Trump? 

Trump attacked NFL players for kneeling silently protesting the national anthem.  He has stated that African countries are “shitholes”. He has stated that Black and Brown members of Congress should “Go back”.  Donald Trump said that he had a plan to win over Black Americans.  Then, he opens his mouth again saying, “That Blacks only care about power for themselves, his speeches are different for different audiences.  He defended Confederate symbols, calling Black Lives Matter a symbol of hate.  He consistently delivered a law and order message, calling demonstrators “thugs” and “anarchists” and “mob rule.”

They are those that say Trump is just a bad speaker and possibly racially insensitive.  But when one pulls all of what he said and what he did together, he is a racist.  He has put a dark cloud over our Nation, and has insulted most of our allies.   If, and after, he is elected he will return as the same vile individual that he has been for 30-years.  He makes me ashamed to be white!  As we live in our white skin we must work hard to make this country equal for everyone; we need to heal, and we cannot nor will we be able to with the reelection of Donald Trump.   


Author Elizabeth Ann Johnson-Murphree books at: and Barnes&

Flying with Broken Wings is about the life of Charlotte Jean Murphree. Charlotte was not a famous person, in fact, not too many people knew her, but those that did knew there were many facets to her life. The book tells of fifty-two-years of daily testing of her will to carry on and the misfortune she faced. As a baby and young girl she was made fun of by schoolchildren, her progress was slow but she never gave up the fight to overcome her disabilities. As an adult, she fought Cerebral Palsy, Living with Bipolar, Depression and Schizophrenia disorders. Charlotte lived not only with herself but she endured the “Voices” that lived within her for over thirty years. This book is about her beginning, her middle and the end of her life.

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  1. Fragments of Time
  2. A Passage into Madness
  3. Asterial Thoughts
  4. A Sachet of Poetry
  5. Rutted Roads
  6. Rhythm Rhyme and Thoughts
  7. Reflections of Poetry
  8. Beyond the Voices
  9. Honeysuckle Memories
  10. Echoing Images from the Soul
  11. A Journey into the Soul


12 thoughts on “Donald Trump Pandering for the Black Vote…#236

  1. The man has indeed put a dark cloud over our nation, broken ties with our allies, built alliances with our enemies. He has no conscience, no moral compass. We know him for who he is.
    The Republican Senators must go. They have enabled a dictator to disrupt our democracy.
    Remember each and every one of them up for reelection in November. Vote them all out along with the man who would be king.

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