Where were you…September 11, 2001 – #233

Where were you…September 11, 2001

A date that like many other tragedies in history, most everyone knows where they were when America was attacked.  It was a Tuesday, the attacks happened early enough on the World Trade Center that most of the workforce hadn’t arrived yet, If it had happened later, it could have been 50,000 people in the towers.  The Pentagon was less fortunate it was hit at a time that most employees were in their offices or at their desks when the plane hit the building.  United Flight 93 plane crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

 I was in the grocery store in McFarland, Wisconsin.  I went home instantly, when I entered my apartment, my son Chuck was there, I stood in silence watching television when the second plane hit the other Tower.  I could not speak; it was unreal, like watching a movie!  I went to work, most everyone there was glued to the T.V., work went on, the towns went on, the state went on, and the world held her breath.

The World Trade Center Towers went down and America stood up, all working together during such a tragedy.  Stop today to pray for those who lost loved ones.  Stop today and give a thought about what America is doing today.  We should be standing together to change laws, to fight for equality for everyone, to welcome those wanting to escape death or persecution. We are not a county that turns away good people. 

As firemen, policemen, volunteers of all colors walked about, pictures of them did not show color, all faces were ashen.  Stop today, stop this fighting among ourselves as Americans, we are better than that, let’s set aside our differences and fight for equality for everyone, black, white, all races.  It’s time!

7 thoughts on “Where were you…September 11, 2001 – #233

  1. I remember that day. When I first heard about the first plane, I said Terrorists. The rest of my office went to find a television and I refused to watch. I knew that I couldn’t function if I did. On the way home I stopped and picked up all the newspapers. They are sealed in plastic. I have never read them. I still weep. I will not forget. The world will not forget.

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  2. I was making Carole’s breakfast, and I heard her crying, and I ran into the lounge-room to see what the problem was, see was watching the TV,… and her morning show had gone over to a direct broadcast from New York…. and she happen to see those unfortunate people jumping out of the Tower…… I had to turn the TV off…it was too distressing for her…..

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  3. The last paragraph is so significant. Your movie thought was mine, too. I was on a long-distance commuter train going home. At first I thought all those watching on their laptops were tuned into the same disaster movie.

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