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I lay quietly this morning before my four-legged son Mason woke and the first words that came to mind were “Death of a Nation”. I know that there has been much said about America, I want to continue to hope for a needed change, but will it come too late? Will America ever change? We continue as a world to make the same mistakes over and over, they are just made with different people, the future mimics the past. In the past four years. I have become aware of more political views than any other time in my life. I have become well-read and have studied as if I were back in school.

The first word that comes to mind is “conspiracy”, what will Trump do to be re-elected? How far will he go? Conspiracies are not just evil men conspiring together to do some evil. A conspiracy is simply a plan to do evil, something done in the past or, will be done in the future.  

Most Americans are unaware of a decline in their individual freedom, and the reason is obvious: the decline goes unnoticed until the majority regards it as a normal condition. Americans are overwhelmed by the current conditions, shut down, quarantined indoors, protesting the wearing of Mask, etc, and for some time our president wants the country to fully reopen, the only word that comes to mind is genocide. 

He has the COVID numbers coming directly to the WH, now we will see fake numbers. Trump will do anything including risking the lives of American citizens; all to get reelected.     

I foresee Trump placing this county into some level of Martial Law, turning America into a police state; impossible, maybe; but you have to admit Trump shows every sign as someone who wants to be a dictator. Of course, believes Trump will say that the election is rigged by the Democrats. Why, because of mail-in voting. He will campaign on the nation will not survive under a Democratic president, that only Trump can fix the trouble that America is in and will face in the future. Maybe I am wrong, and he can bring that country to success, his actions so far tells me otherwise.


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4 thoughts on “Reality…#228

  1. As an Australian it is better for me not to enter your politics. However, I can hope for radical change. I’m not sure, though, that change will be remarkable for now. Like any change, the results can be varied.

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