A Teacher’s Call

This post is from my son, Chuck, I ask that my followers interested, in education, the mental health field, and concerned citizens; visit his site and give him the support he and other educators needs during this time of crisis. This is not a sympathy plea, but one of support and caring for human sacrifice. Chuck is an educator, mental health activist/speaker and publish young adult author. Thank you for your support. E.

7 thoughts on “A Teacher’s Call

    1. Thank you, I know he appreciates it. These are such trying times. Even if the schools go virtual the teachers will have to go in and teach from the classrooms. I guess its the situation to have “eyes” on to make sure they are teaching full days. I is really such a mess. I have twin granddaughters, 11th grade they are missing out on so much if they cannot go to school, yet it is so dangerous to go. Thanks Peggy. E.

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      1. My granddaughter will be starting her 2nd year of college – she is so worried about going back to campus. She says she is not coming home until they close the school down at the end of first semester. She does not want to infect her parents or grandparents. I was watching some of the horrible side effects people are getting after they survive covid-19. So scary. It is a shame your granddaughters will miss out on so much. Can only pray and hope this soon will pass.

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      2. I can only hope and pray that your son will stay safe. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be an experienced online college teacher, and I don’t have to make a choice between my livelihood and my health and safety.

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      3. They will make a vote Monday 3rd. as to if students will return, they have already made it mandatory that teachers will have to go to their classrooms each day for virtual teaching. I wish they could remain at home but I guess the school system does not trust what they will do with their time. My children are dedicated and would give more than they take. Thanks Liz. E.

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