Donald Trump – Joe Biden…#224

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Donald Trump – Joe Biden

I have to vote, but I am not sure that there is any candidate that will live up to my principles. I am not certain how I feel about Joe Biden and his potential choice of a “running mate”, I do know that I do not want Donald Trump another four years.

First, being female and having a disable child, I have a problem with Trump’s verbal communication about women, his making fun of the disabled.  He has to be the most vile, evil individual and in his running of America he is no better than Hitler’s Germany.  He believes in concentration camps in China, he caged Hispanic children at the border; many have yet to get back to their parents.  What more must he do to have people see who he really is?

His largest follow bases are Christians.  Are they lost children of God, to follow an individual who actions is that of an anti-Christ, the Devil!  What is a Christian?  Billy Graham said, “A Christian is a man, woman, or child who has experienced a spiritual new birth through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit. I believe good Christians are kind and decent people. Good Christians are compassionate.  Donald Trump does not fit into this category.

In all my research I find that a great number of Christians worship Donald Trump.  He has been called “The Great White Hope”.  That statement alone frightens me, the reference to “white” leaves out a great number of races and colors.  It is a term that would be used by the KKK. 

It is said by his followers that Trump is “Number one, He is white, He is of God”.  Humans have created images of Jesus-God as white, when in all reality he was a dark skin man, would Trump or his followers, feel as they do if they accepted the truth?  When I hear words praising Trump, I see them as KKK.  Other terms I have heard are “A modern King David”, “God’s Candidate”.  I feel that Donald Trump has created a Cult, and as it is said, his rallies are his churches and he is the “Gospel”.

The only way to stop this madness is to “Vote”!

Then there is Joe Biden, I am concerned about his choice of a running mate.  The individual must have the experience and strength to possibly be the president if something should happen to Biden.  He has committed to choosing a woman; I am Leary of this as well.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, women can run this country and do an excellent job, but will she be allowed to do so?  Look what Washington did to Obama; he had to fight every step of the way, eight years.  Now, we must wait to see if he in fact chooses a woman, and a woman of color.

The only way to stop Trumps madness is to “Vote”!

These are trying times, I am a Christian, and I have been here before, and survived.  There are a great number of wonderful Christians who do great things in life.  We should be careful not to judge anyone, but also be careful of whom we trust.  America will survive.  With the Virus turning our world upside down, we need to stay safe; and believe that America was great before Trump became president, it is great and we will become stronger.  This is my hope, my dream, my prayer.


10 thoughts on “Donald Trump – Joe Biden…#224

  1. You have expressed this quagmire we’re in very well, and it is not a good place to be. I simply cannot understand how a person can have the attitudes we see all around us, in the face of what is, on its face, terribly wrong. Meister Eckhart said, whatever God does, the first breath is compassion. If that’s so, which i believe it is, we are in quite the Godless spot at the moment. I guess we’re here to hold the light and the space for another day to dawn.

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      1. Quite right! I didn’t express it properly. There is ALWAYS the divine, everywhere. It just seems that some places and some times you have to dig deep and just remember it.

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  2. No, Trump is definitely not a Christian. I did not vote for him last time and I will not this time. One politician the other day said the popular vote did not matter – the electoral vote was what counted. Makes a person want to fire all the politicians in Washington D.C. and start over.

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