Rubble of Yesterday…#223

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Promises of the mind set aside in

the days of youth; visions stored

in a hopeful place to become dim

memories and fade away.

A glimpse into the window of twilight

One finds the tombstones of yesterdays

promises; rubble covered with reminiscent


Embers burn within the soul, no peace;

there are fewer tomorrows, weep for the

uncertainty of the future and of dreams

left behind.

If you could turn back time would you

relive your life.  Would you accept the future

whatever it may be, would you disregard truth

and trust what your eyes see?  Yesterdays

promises are hidden dreams, find new

excitement in your life rid yourself of turmoil and strife.

Wake up your conscious your journey is not yet

over, there are new mountains to climb, forget

the rubble of yesterday, and wisely use your time.


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10 thoughts on “Rubble of Yesterday…#223

  1. Hi Elizabeth Ann, Thanks for following my blog, Always Write. You echo my thoughts about aging. We have to keep pressing on, trying new things. We might have to get up more often, or excuse ourselves when we can’t hear or remember the word that is on the tip of our tongue, but we keep going and learning new things, meeting new people, making new friends, and seeing new places. This is a lovely reminder to keep going. 🙂 Marsha

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      1. And if I can help keep Mason’s memories alive, I would be delighted to so do. What, specifically, is in my mind is for you write a guest post celebrating Mason’s life. Include, if you can, some photographs and a little bit about your own background. Then email it to paul handover(at)gmail(dot)com

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