Trump Supports Chinese Concentrations Camps…#219

Trump supports Chinese concentrations camps.

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It was bought to my attention yesterday that the Uighur Muslims were being sent to Chinese concentration camps.  When I researched this horrific situation I could not get it out of my mind.  I understand that international concern has been growing about what China is doing to its Uighur Muslim population, a minority community in China’s northwestern Xinjiang province. Reports have emerged of China ‘homogenizing’ the Uighur’s, segregation, reassignment of mind and loyalty.  These people claim closer ethnic ties to Turkey and other central Asian countries than to China.  Around a million Uyghur’s, Kazakhs and other Muslims have been bundled into internment camps, where they are allegedly being schooled into giving up their identity, and assimilate better in the communist country dominated by the Han Chinese. Most horrific of all is that our president Donald Trump agrees that the concentration camps are a good idea.  That is beyond frightening, his method is clearly fear-provoking.

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This news, information is frightening, why?  Because this is what our President Trump is wanting and /or is doing to those who want to come across our American/Mexican border. 

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Those of you who live in our bordering countries, and America; does this sound familiar to you?  In China, children have been separated from their parents, families torn apart; an entire population kept under surveillance and cut off from the rest of the world. The few survivors who have managed to escape the country have been reported physical, mental and sexual torture at these camps.

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In the United States, border authorities are detaining children in large groups, and for longer periods of time, increases their severe health risks and the likelihood of human rights violations.  Shelters are found diluted soap in the bathrooms, large groups of children crowded in a room for their legal screenings and no evidence of sanitizing the room before or after.  We’re in the middle of a global pandemic — none of this is acceptable.

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Trump in the midst of an intense election campaign that may determine whether democracy survives, he is employing his expertise to try and divert and deflect attention. It appears that he still has the gift if you call it that; to psychological manipulate a person or a group, covertly sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment, often evoking in them cognitive discord and other changes including low self-esteem. Using denial, misdirection, contradiction, and misinformation, to threaten his victim and delegitimize his victim’s beliefs.  His daily strategy, to Soviet-style change the facts surrounding the Corona Virus and his utter incompetence in destroying our pandemic prevention and treatment program because it was formed by Barack Obama.

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However, we would be inhumane if we ignored what has been largely forgotten amidst the election year and the arrival of the Corona Virus in the United States, with a bumbling and two-faced response by the Trump administration.  We would be inhumane to forget that the lives of migrant children and parents from Mexico and Central America are on the line as Trump is apparently taking no precautions to prevent the transmission of the virus in the overcrowded detention centers. They are ripe for the rapid spread of a highly contagious, potentially deadly virus.

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Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, but can we only fight one battle at a time?  We need to unite as one Nation.  We need to prioritize our battles.  Instead of “Marching in the Streets” destroying America, we should be marching on these cages that our neighbor Mexico’s children are kept in like dogs.  We need a leader who can take care of America.  We use to be a country that fought for freedom, for everyone; have so many died in vain defending the honor of people everywhere of different race, color, and regelious beliefs.  When did we lose our honor to defend…

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Migrants initially detained in the United States in cages and cramped for-profit detention centers are often treated with cruelty, hostility, and abuse – because cruelty is the point of the Trump administration, and carried out under the watchful eye of racist.  Trump has carefully put in place his own concentration camps without us lifting a finger to stop him.  Like Hitler, he has his followers and are we going to have our camps and ovens in this country?

Congressional delegations who have been able to enter some of the “concentration camps”, a valid name because of crushed confinement have noted horrifying scenes of blood from female periods, feces, filthy clothes, and inadequate meals, all amidst the smell of urine.

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A Southern Poverty Law Center article noted that child separation was taking place as early as 2018, when in one two-month period 2000 children were separated from their parents. An SPLC story described one wretched “detention center” in McAllen, Texas:

In 2018, Journalists and human rights advocates toured an old warehouse in McAllen, Texas, where hundreds of children are being kept in a series of cages made of mental fencing. Journalist reported that overhead lighting stays on around the clock, children are sleeping under “large foil sheets,” older children are forced to change the diapers of toddlers and that children have no books or toys. One toddler is seen crying uncontrollably and pounding her fists on a mat.

The Trump administration under a federal court order is supposed to have stopped separating children from their parents, but in October 2019 a headlined read, “The [US] Government Has Taken At Least 1,100 Children from Their Parents since Family Separations Officially Ended.” The story notes that more separations have taken place, because the Department of Homeland Security Record keeping is so bad, and even the location of many children is unknown.

According it is said that, “new government data shows the United States detained a staggering 69,550 migrant children in 2019.” Sometimes 13,000 or more children were detained at a time.  There have been several deaths of children in the detention centers, communicable diseases and untreated illnesses.

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In  bigoted, racist, incompetent and incoherent remarks, Donald Trump suggested at his Charleston, SC campaign rally that he may close off the Mexican border because the Corona Virus might be transmitted by Mexicans and Central Americans crossing into the US, as if his dream of a wall could prevent a virus from infecting people in the US. His knowledge of disease transmission is that of an idiot…no Donald Trump is lower than pond scum.

Trump knows how to use racism to incite his base, so now he is even implying a pandemic virus may be associated with non-whites. However, and in unfortunate circumstances, unlike the servile DC press corps Trump transcriptionists, the Corona Virus is indifferent to Trump’s posturing, threaten deception. It infects regardless of Trump’s derangement and self-aggrandizement.

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Furthermore, there are tent and shanty town cities just over the Mexican border as part of Trump “Remain in Mexico” asylum Mexico program that are also prime targets for a contagion that thrives in concentrated environments of people. That too is being done in our name, and we remain quiet at the peril of our consciences being marred by our silent consent to the policies of Trump . Meanwhile, the children and adults in inhumane detention conditions are at high risk for the Corona Virus, and there remains little news or concern about their plight.

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China targeting the Uyghur’s, Xinjiang is technically an autonomous region within China — its largest region, rich in minerals, and sharing borders with eight countries, including India, Pakistan, Russia and Afghanistan.  The Uyghur’s are Muslim; they don’t speak Mandarin as their native language, and have ethnicity and culture that is different from that of mainland China.  Over the past few decades, as economic prosperity has come to Xinjiang, it has brought with it in large numbers the majority Han Chinese, who have cornered the better jobs, and left the Uyghur’s feeling their livelihoods and identity were under threat.  This led to sporadic violence, in 2009 culminating in a riot that killed 200 people, mostly Han Chinese, in the region’s capital Urumqi.

People could be sent to the government’s “radicalization camps” for showing any signs of extremism, with the government deciding what was “extremism” — sporting beards, fasting during Ramzan, dressing differently from the majority, sending greetings, praying “too often”, giving up smoking and drinking, or not knowing Mandarin.  The brighter of the Uighur children are sent to boarding schools and colleges so they could be honed into civil servants loyal to China.

Yes, this is a communist country, is China going the way of the Jewish holocaust?  In three years, the government is estimated to have put one million people in the “re-education” camps, making them leave behind their jobs, property — and their children.

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A former inmate said that, “They wouldn’t let me sleep, they would hang me up for hours, and they would beat me. They had thick wooden and rubber batons, whips made from twisted wire, needles to pierce the skin, pliers for pulling out the nails. All these tools were displayed on the table in front of me, ready to use at any time. And I could hear other people screaming as well.” 

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People are told they should be grateful the government is taking pains to reform their relatives “infected by the radicalism”. Those who still persist with questions are told there is a credit system in place to decide when the inmates can leave the camps, and their behavior will impact their relatives’ credit.  Because the inmates have not been charged for any crime, there is no question of a legal fight against their detention.  But even those who are not in the camps are not quite free. The government has put in place a surveillance system that includes face recognition cameras, software to monitor Uyghur’s’ phone activities, QR codes on homes that tell authorities how many members are inside the house, QR codes on any domestic tool that can be used as a weapon, such as a knife.

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Trump supports the concentration camps.  China has maintained it is only de-radicalizing some of its errant citizenry, and has asked the world to “respect its sovereignty” in dealing with its internal matters.  Trump told China’s President that building concentration camps for millions of Uighur Muslims was ‘exactly the right thing to do,’ President Donald Trump expressed approval of a concentration camp for Uighur Muslims in China during a private meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to former national security adviser John Bolton’s upcoming memoir, “The Room Where It Happened.” 

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Is Trump smarter than we think he is, has he slowing made changes that appear to be more communist every day, does his support of concentration camps give you reason to doubt where he is leading this country?


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28 thoughts on “Trump Supports Chinese Concentrations Camps…#219

  1. Wow..that was a long, but very informative article Elizabeth… and I knew about Trump’s treatment of boarder refugees before, I’m a paid up member of the Texas Civil Rights Project, and joined because of Trump’s inhumane treatment of children and separation from their families…. Back then I wrote a number of protest poems,.. I’ll attach some of them here…

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  2. I have no doubt where Trump is leading this country.
    We must be sure to VOTE in the election in November to turn this country around and get it going in a different direction that used to be a reflection of our values. Now, I fear our “values” risk going in a different direction, too.
    Thank you for your excellent post.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Amen Elizabeth. You have said it all. I have known about most of the things you mentioned. As for Trump – I have no use for him at all. He is a worthless human being. I will be glad when we have someone that has morals to run our country. Trump is an embarrassment to the American people. There are a lot of battles that a united America should be fighting.

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  4. thank you for writing this! i am in complete agreement. and no, agent orange is NOT smarter than we think he is but he IS on the leash we think he is. and to think people think he is “protecting our country from communism.”

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  5. Yes indeed. However futile it may seem in the big picture, we MUST vote. Period. Everyone has to participate and contribute. Keep on doing the Work. It matters and again, thank you.( Also, the past series of blogs have been wonderful and informative, which is GREAT in my book. One can feel a bit alone at times….)

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  6. Being Canadian, I can only watch in horror what has happened south of the border.
    Who elected him? How does he stay in power? Who supports/believes him? Why can’t he be taken out of office for incompetence and crimes against humanity?
    The words ‘YOUR FIRED’ come to mind.
    Replaced with a coalition government, consisting of both parties til a REAL leader is elected.
    Just my thoughts – and questions. Good Luck, you’re going to need it me thinks.

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    1. I agree, and most of the people ask themselves the same thing as you are voicing. He has both parties running, hiding, I have asked does he have something on all of them, i.e., like Edger Hoover did? He has a base following of “people ” that you and I would not associate with! I would move to Canada but I don’t think they are letting Americans in 🙂 … Thanks for a great comment. E.

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      1. Most welcome. My heart goes out to all suffering at his hands.
        Yes the border is closed but there are Americans are still coming in – not well received thu.
        Also, the refugees are crossing where they can walk in – REFUGEES from the United States!!!!!! – never thought I would see that day 😦

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