Lies catch up with you…#193

Why does Trump not want to have the Bolton book published, for one reason it is no doubt damning and another is it is too close to election to have yet another damaging cloud hanging above his head.  Trump’s accusations are that Bolton’s book contains classified information.  The President has warned Bolton of possible criminal charges.  Trump is saying that Bolton did not have a pre-publication review. 

The Justice Department is requesting that a federal court order Bolton to have the book reviewed and to retrieve and dispose of existing copies in a manner acceptable to the government to ensure that there are no classified information.  Bolton is said to have covered many topics, showing chaos in the White House, major players, Trump’s inconsistent decision making and dealings with allies and enemies.

I find it difficult to find that Bolton wrote anything that the public throughout the world does not already know. 

The president decided the entire White House staff was working against him, running their own agenda, not his.  All of his business dealings have been under investigation one way or the other.  Trump held covet meetings late at night, avoiding official operations.  He has fired all of the White House staff from the beginning.  He is a volatile president who throws temper tantrums like a child.  His administration is filled with lies and chaos.

Trump is oblivious to the extent of the Virus; he avoids giving a straight and truthful answer or opinion.  He rolls his eyes at questions from the Media.  He has misled the American people.  Our Nation is living with uncertainty, fear and anxiety people want facts not assumptions.  Who does Trump see as enemies, to name a few, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Al Gore, Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, all news Media, The Democratic Party, and anyone who disagrees with him in the Republican Party.

Trump’s first views on American Protesters, after the killing of George Floyd, he threatened demonstrators with violence, vowing military actions against Americans.  He pushed for aggressiveness on law enforcement; He says and does anything that he believes will get him reelected.   

What will be Trump’s next move, in my opinion…

If Trump is in office another four years, we will be living under a dictatorship.  There is no economy so to speak, so tax cutting will be of no help, the economy is gone.  If you continue to live a life shut behind your door, you will become conditioned and told for your own good, you will then live under a tyranny.     


9 thoughts on “Lies catch up with you…#193

  1. John Bolton decided to withhold from the American people vital information that would have doubtless been relevant during the Senate impeachment proceedings earlier this year. Personally, I hope the book is never published and that he never gets another penny from it. You couldn’t pay me to read it.

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  2. We will see what Trump plans next to steal the election. It is scary that during the senate impeachment trial Alan Dershowitz argued in all seriousness that a President cannot be removed from office for an action he thinks will help his reelection. That was music to Trump’s ears.

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  3. I have heard there is another page turner written by his niece that reveals all sorts of sordid stuff. On a serious note I also see dictatorship looming. But I hope the election will bring a change.

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