A President that no longer wants to acknowledge the Virus…#192

The normal facial expressions and body language of the American President.

The President of the US wants to stop testing for the Virus, his statement, if testing stops right now we would have very few cases.  Well correct, if we stop testing, we will not know the count, if we stop all data, deaths, hospital cases, etc., we will have low numbers in our statistics.  Just when I think he cannot come up with another brainless statement, he does.  It is election time, this is not the only reason for his stupid remarks, and he has been making them for the past four years.  His take on it, “it makes us look bad”.

Currently many states across the US since the reopening has spiked.  The one thing I do agree with, that masks are probably optional because the American people are truly informed about the Virus and can make their own decisions.  What I take issue with is their informed decisions will have the possibility of spreading the Virus. 

VP Pence has encouraged governors to downplay the spread of the Virus despite increased cases since “reopening” the country.  Like Trump, he too believes that testing will lead to cases that are more positive, are these two real.

It appears that Trump has convinced his base that the Virus no longer exists.  I, like many others ask the question, what happens to a country when its President no longer wants to acknowledge this Virus?


11 thoughts on “A President that no longer wants to acknowledge the Virus…#192

  1. Hmmm, reminds me of Ernie on Sesame Street sticking a banana in his ear to keep the alligators off Sesame Street. Bert says, “Ernie, there are no alligators on Sesame Street.” Ernie’s response? “See, it’s working”!

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  2. I don’t see a particularly rosy future for a nation whose leader ignores not only a global pandemic but also climate change, systemic racism, income inequality and a host of other issues continuing to “plague” our country.

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