Nancy Pelosi suggestion…#189

Nancy Pelosi wants to remove all of the Confederate statues from the Capital because they represent “slavery”.  If she is removing these monuments and memorials because of slavery, she has quite a few to take down.  I believe in equality, there is a movement to remove all monuments and memorials in the South, and remove history from the beginning of America until the Civil War.  Then let us know what we are talking about if we are going to make such bold statements.  

Where shall I start, maybe from the beginning…   

George Washington was a slave-owner and Founding Father of the United States. Washington inherited his first 10 slaves at the age of eleven on the death of his father in 1743. In adulthood, his personal slaveholding grew through inheritance, purchase and natural increase (slave’s chattels born). In 1759, he gained control of slaves belonging to the Custis estate upon his marriage to Martha Dandridge Custis.  He owned 317 slaves.

The Washington Monument built to commemorate George Washington, once commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, in the American Revolutionary War and the first President of the United States. There are 241 civil townships and 31 counties named for Washington a slave owner, 11 Institutions of Learning, 5 Forts, 8 Estates, 5 Neighborhoods, 8 transportation area, 11 Monuments, a stained glass window of George Washington at Prayer in the Congressional Prayer Room, US Capitol. 

Thomas Jefferson owned 600 slaves and fathered multiple slave children with his quadroon slave Sally Heming’s. Remove the hundreds of high schools, grammar schools and colleges named for Jefferson.  There are cities, counties and streets, parks the list goes on.

James Madison owned 100 slaves.  Remove the James Madison Memorial Building. The James Madison Memorial Building is one of three United States Capitol Complex buildings that house the Library of Congress. Serves as the official memorial to President James Madison. 

James Monroe owned 75 slaves.  Remove the academic buildings named after him at the University of Monroe, College of Monroe, Monroe University, and Monroe University. In addition, a statue of Monroe was dedicated in front of Tucker Hall on the campus of the College of William & Mary in 2015.  There are 28, cities, towns, villages’, 18 counties, 80 township, 1 unincorporated, and a multitude of streets, etc., statues, markers.

Andrew Jackson owned 200 slaves; he was also a slave trader.  Remove at the center of Lafayette Park, along the White House’s north side, stands this equestrian statue of President Andrew Jackson. Cast to commemorate Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans.  Towns, cities, parks must be renamed.  What about the USS Andrew Jackson. 

Martin Van Buren owned one slave (Not so rich), his father owned six slaves.  Are we to remove his name from the parks, school, and a mountain?

William Henry Harrison owned 11 (Again not so rich) slaves.  Not so much information about him!

John Tyler owned 70 slaves.  Remove any memorials of Tyler that was a slaveholder, at one point keeping forty slaves at Greenway.] Although he regarded slavery as an evil, and did not attempt to justify it (Two-faced), he never freed any of his slaves. Tyler considered slavery a part of states’ rights, and therefore the federal government lacked the authority to abolish it.   Tyler had fathered several sons with his slaves, and later sold them.

James K. Polk owned 25 slaves. A slaveholder for most of his adult life, he owned a plantation in Mississippi and bought slaves while president.    What more can be said?

Zachary Taylor owned 150 slaves.  

The list of what you call upright, law-abiding citizens were not what this country stands for today. You want equality in what stays and who goes, you have your work cut out for you.  Study your history; there are many statues, monuments and memorials to many of our presidents that owned slaves.  This is just the presidents, not counting the Congress, House, and Senate of the day.  Maybe this atrocity against human beings should be announced publicly, have someone give testimony to congress as to why they should go, or stay? 

If you are going to make such bold statements Nancy on Confederate statues, you need to acquaint yourself to history; then decide on removing “History”.


15 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi suggestion…#189

  1. Good points. I expect the discussions will be fraught with controversy, but in the end I’m afraid we all share in this wretched history.
    Take them down – take them all down. We have an amazing number of s/heroes to replace them.

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    1. The arguments for removing the statues and/or monuments were because the South had slaves. My disagreements in their purpose for removing the statues and/or monuments were that the “forefathers” were hypocrites. These presidents owned slaves, or their ancestors owned slaves, just as the South did; it appears that when these “forefathers” decided that slavery was wrong, which was purely political, the Southern plantations were wrong. If the purpose of condemnation of southern statues and/or monuments is because they represent slavery. Then, the entire country needs to be condemned on such as slavery goes far beyond the southern states and the Civil War.


  2. Great essay. If each generation excised all the history of their culture, including the influential people of their culture from that history, that they no longer considered morally acceptable there wouldn’t be a lot left. That’s certainly true here in Australia, where the indigenous people were wiped out in Tasmania, and the mainland declared terra nullius. I think we need the statues to remind us where we’ve come from and that we are still on a journey – we will also be judged and found wanting by our children and grandchildren. But the statues need to be contextualised – simple minded hero worship without acknowledging that people existed within their times, and that included the morality of the times, is dangerous. It’s a really complex question. I think it’s good to have the reminders, like statues, that we have come a long way – but we still have a long way to go.

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    1. Thank you…there is a town in Ohio that has offered to take all of the statues defaced or intact to keep public. I believe this is a good idea, and the town will make “millions” off visitors that want to see them and the destruction. Smart town! As for the rest, shame on them for destroying history, we cannot run or hide from it, we need to accept and never forget while working toward a greater country. Again, thank you so much for the great comment. E.


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