The WH is quiet about the spike in Covid-19…#188

Not a Happy Camper right now.

Yes, the country should open up, but with careful planning.  Many businesses are doing so, but it is the people themselves that refuse to believe they will contract the Virus.  This morning my son was laughed at for wearing a mask in a public place; he is supporting the economy by being there making purchases.  I told him to continue to walk away, silence may be golden, but it speak volumes when someone is laughing at your logic and common sense.  Therefore, we are on the rise with the Virus since America has opened up for business.

The corona virus is still killing Americans every day — but the Trump administration is not saying much about it.

“We’ve made every decision correctly,” Trump claimed. “We may have some embers or some ashes or we may have some flames coming, but we’ll put them out. We’ll stomp them out.”

Speaks without engaging brain.

Data shows that cases are rising and that we still have a pandemic.  Sighting cases of the Virus in Arizona and Kentucky has spiked after the WH recommended America open for business.  The WH is asking that we return to our health care providers for screenings (they want see you), vaccines (there are none available), care (want see you), or emergency services (call 911). 

I have learned that the Covid-19 is no longer a priority.  The Food and Drug Administration are returning to other issues like tobacco and CBD regulations.  The message given has conflicted with Trump’s vow of victory over the Corona Virus.  The message is that the battle has been won; but it is only beginning according to Dr. Fauci and the Experts.

I suspect it is going to be a “My body, my choice”.  I chose to keep a close watch on my health and surroundings, stay away from businesses, restaurants, casino’s, etc.; I order groceries, with Amazon taking care of my general shopping needs.  My family and I get together, large circle, respecting each other’s space, we have fun without “going out”.  If my family gets into a situation with strangers, they stay away from me for two weeks.  We do live in America, and these are my choices as I live in a “free country”.  Moreover, as a very dear internet friend pointed out to me, we still have freedom of speech and I need not apologize for the content of my post, even if most of it is my own opinion. 


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