It is time for Americans to say, “Get out of my house”…#186

While I am not in favor of the motives behind many of the protesters, I do believe a peaceful protest is sometimes necessary.  I do not believe in the defacing, looting and burning of businesses. Bad police are among us as well as the good.  However, our President Donald Trump is a disgrace.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

Buffalo protester shoved by Police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75 year old Martin Gugino was pushed away after appearing to scan police communications in order to black out the equipment. @OANN  I watched, he fell harder than was pushed. Was aiming scanner. Could be a set up?

Twitter: 7:34 AM – Jun 9, 2020

A mad man or just an evil man?

I myself felt, that you have to be mindful if you are placing yourself in such a position before riot police, and you have to know there might be conflict.  My views and I watched it many times thought the man moved forward toward the police as a lone protester, he was not lined up peacefully with the crowd or this may not have happened.  In no way did I think it a conspiracy; it was just one foolish old man wanting to get into the limelight.  Did he have the right to move forward alone, hell yes, this is America, we are promised that right.

Trump as he does everything, he goes too far, he moves forward with ridiculous statements then like the coward that he is, retreats.

Senator Lisa Murkowski said that she was stunned with the statement, “Why would you fan the flames?”  Although she was speechless with Trumps tweet, it did not appear to upset Senate Republicans, so Trumps insults continue. 

Republicans continue to ignore Trump; most senators have stopped paying attention to Trump and his tweets. If you do not teach a child how to behave, he will grow up showing behavior problems.  Our child, our President shows that he is entitled to bad behavior; he has been shown that he could do this all his life and get away with it.  This is our county and he is bringing it to its knees with shame.

I would like to see a protest in the magnitude that we have with today’s problem formed against Trump, the Republicans like bad parents will continue to overlook and disregard.  If the “people” want to protest, start with Trump, protest between now and November to assure that he does not get re-elected, vote.

Are Americans satisfied with the shame that he has brought on this country?  Are we a Nation that enjoys seeing our President verbally or physically abusing women?  Do we as a Nation enjoying watching him disrespect the Handi-cap, those less fortunate.  Place immigrants into holding fences tearing their children out of their arms like the holocaust, instead of welcoming them into our county.  The atrocity this man has done in four-years is unfathomable. He is trying to be a dictator, a reincarnate of Hitler.  I only have one thought for him.


However, all this is just my opinion.


15 thoughts on “It is time for Americans to say, “Get out of my house”…#186

      1. I so enjoy all of your comments, truly my favorite follower. I trust your insight and will continue to do so. Perhaps, you are right, its freedom of speech, I need not apologize for writing my post. However, the countries situation and my need to follow-up with post is getting in the way of the novel that I am writing. 🙂 E.

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  1. I am an outsider who watches your president with disgust and disbelief, but the most despairing reporting I recently witnessed was Republicans being interviewed about Trump’s behaviours. Most shrugged at his bad behaviour and said they would vote for him again.

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  2. I am ashamed of Senator Lisa Murkowski who is always “stunned” and Senator Susan Collins who is always “concerned” about the person residing in the White House making a sham of our democracy to fill his own greedy pockets. And yet, neither Senator every votes against him. The Senate sits in shame in my opinion. They had a duty to our country – and shunned it. Shame on all of them who voted against removing Agent Orange from the White House.

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