Who you going to call…#185

Defund and/or do away with police departments…go for it.  However, who are you going to call when you’re in trouble, your property is vandalized, your car stolen; or pray tell someone breaks into your home to rob and kill you.  WHO YOU GOING TO CALL?

Cutting funding for police departments or to disband them entirely has rush forward in the George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis police custody last month.  Now appears in gigantic yellow letters Black Lives Matter Plaza on 16th Street near the White House. Minneapolis City Council members announced plans Sunday to disband the city’s police department. George Floyd died in police custody and protesters say their work is not over. The concept of defunding the police is a topic of interest as protests continue. Supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have called for one-step toward combating what they view as institutionalized racism.

The Denver Police Department ban all uses of chokeholds.  A group of protesters in Raleigh, N.C., near the Contemporary Art Museum, painted in large yellow words “End Racism Now.”  In Seattle, a Washington National Guardsman was hit in the head with a glass bottle, when ask by police to move back.  Protesters then begin to throw fireworks, rocks and bottles at the police.  When a gun appeared among the protesters, the police used tear gas, the Mayor of Seattle ban the use of tear gas.  It’s never-ending.

Where do we stand…ban the police, let protesters kill, loot, and burn down anything they want to without repercussion?  This is all getting out of hand; we are letting protesters make the laws and rules in America.  It want work, there will be a Civil War American against American!  There has to be police to protect the innocent, the non-protesters.  It is the innocent that are having their businesses looted, defaced, burned down.  I am for justice, laws and policies for both black and white, all people in America.  How can this be right? 

This is America, this America has changed, and it is not totally Trumps fault that we have “Gone to Hell in a Hand basket”.  It is his fault for instigating much of the unrest in this country.  When will the mayhem stop?  Have we lost all logic?  Can this America be fixed, I don’t think so, it is as if America will never be the same after the Virus subsides, we will all live under a new normal. 

What happen to the Virus is it over or has the protesters give the news media better coverage.  In addition, how many protesters will now get the Virus as it spreads among them?

However, this is just my opinion


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7 thoughts on “Who you going to call…#185

  1. I think the term “defund the police” is misleading. The discussion centers around allocation of public resources to make the most sense in order to serve the needs of communities. For example, in instances where mental health funding has been drastically “defunded” the police often serve as social workers – social workers whose only solution is to lock up those with mental issues. When people are homeless, and agencies whose primary responsibilites include providing food and shelter for people living in poverty have been “defunded” the police are asked to step in and clean up the streets which translate to locking up the homeless. The concept of defunding is to reallocate resources that have been drastically cut during the past 3 years of the Trump administration to the people and places that need them most. I don’t think more police has ever been the answer for solving all of society’s ills.We need sweeping reforms – and fewer tax cuts for large companies and rich people. That’s just my opinion.

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