Stop the madness…#184

I do not know if this is possible, however, is the constant attention brought to all of the murders, looting, burning, and calling out of National Guards and National funeral’s are throwing fuel on the fire of unrest in America. The National Funeral  covered by all TV stations and Cable Networks is using the man’s unfortunate demise at the hands of a police officer taking it too far!

In the 1970’s, the militant nationwide strike of truck drivers was over the top as well.  My daddy drove his truck within the Southern states at the time; he was an independent trucker who continued to drive even during the strike.  He fell off the top of a tanker and was hurt, laying him up for several weeks. He was one of the lucky one’s, many were beaten and their trucks set on fire.

My uncle Franklin D. Vest was also an independent tucker and he did drive within the southern states during the strike.  There were many protesters in this situation too.    

Strikers set up a roving patrol system that they say can muster 300 men within an hour to stop any truck moving goods in the area. The strikers are allowing trucks carrying food, drugs and beer to continue, but they have became outraged when they have found food trucks carrying other cargo. There was rock throwing, windshields have been smashed, tires slashed and air hoses cut.

National Guardsmen were called to duty to combat the strike and put the rest of the 13,000-man force on standby alert to combat “open warfare” on the highways. . Helmeted troops, armed with M-1 rifles, were stationed in pairs on some overpasses, while other Guardsmen rumbled along on patrol in quarter-ton trucks.  Guard officers said their men were also guarding truck terminals.

It was during this time that the 145th Infantry-which had intervened in four or five ghetto, riots in the previous two years and was soon to be rushed to Kent State.

These were American students, who were slain, maimed and injured for protesting. My question to myself is that there were no National funerals held for these student protesters, nor were there any National funerals held for Truckers death.

One death was that of my uncle Franklin D. Vest, he had served his county as a National Guardsmen, he had fought in Korea.  He was holding up in a motel /truck stop in Florida, he was sleeping in his truck.  He was murdered in his own county by protesters of the Trucker strike.  His casket could not be opened, as he was beat so badly in the face and back of his head, he was unrecognizable.  They had taken a tire iron and crushed both of his hands and of arms.  He lay there for 24 hours before another trucker went to check on him.

My uncle did not have a National Funeral, there was not even a write-up in any newspaper, there was no TV news telling of his death and of the injustice against him because he refused to strike.

I am getting very tired of all of the violence in America, black lives matter as do all other races throughout the world.  I am getting very tired of our president who opens his unknowledgeable mouth, then denies what he says.  It is all NEWS.  The News Media thrives on this, like junkie’s they were on the Virus, it was getting to be old news, then WHAM…they had “new” news.  The police officers, some good, some bad, do we have to hate all of them.  If you are being beaten to death, you call the police; they are there to protect you.  If your property is being stolen you call the police, they are there to protect you. Have we lost all reason? America actually never changes, its just a different decade, century, better policies, rules and regulations that protect the bad as well as the good. Are we holding accountable the looters? 

However, this is just my opinion!

I am not for violence, but… the madness has to stop!


5 thoughts on “Stop the madness…#184

    1. This is heading for another Civil War…this time between American and American throughout the country. Is this a ploy to take away from the Virus? Where is equality for both black and white? Today I read where a teenager was given a car and a scholarship for helping in clean-up, just one, I am certain many helped. I have lived this before several times, but I am not sure it has ever been this bad. Have a great Sunday. E.

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