The Book of Revelations…#178


Over the past months I have be ask did I think that the Book of Revelations was being fulfilled, is it the end of days? I have seen many Face Book pages with images on “Beware” “God leads the way” “Antichrist”, etc, etc. I believe in a Higher Power, I taught Sunday school for ten years, which makes me no authority, but somewhat knowledgeable. It is a personal choice as to what an individual chooses to call their “God” or believe in. I stop being a believer in organized religion many years ago. I am and have always been spiritual; I was brought up believing that the Great Mystery lives in everything.

I am not “going religious” as they say on anyone, and I respectfully honor everyone’s choice of beliefs. However, I do know that the Bible has almost fifty authors, all men (again no disrespect) whom have written the Books of the Bible, as they have perceived the world at the time of writing. All handed down word of mouth, writing on rocks, wheat paper and many other things. All of this interpreted by the authors down though the past, maybe starting in the era of Abraham which has been said to have spoken to God in 2100 BC. We are soon coming upon 2100AD. Many translations have taken place in these 4200 years.

Nevertheless, in layman terms, The Book Revelations authors name is John a Christian prophet. It is believed that Revelation was an apocalyptic prophecy, a warning of sorts. Remember, it is written as they saw or visualized things at the time. Its understanding is difficult because of these things. I believe that it was written to chastise Christians with different beliefs; many of the time distrusted the Book of Revelations. It has been accepted and rejected many times throughout history.

Revelations speaks of broken seals; people believe what they want to or have been taught too. “There will be a great earthquake, the sun becomes black and the moon turns to blood, a sign; I don’t think so since we have been having earthquakes, ellipse of the sun and Blood Moons for quite some time now and the world ending it has not. On and on it goes, the beast, the false Prophet and the one about martyrs living and reigning with Christ for a thousand years. A New Heaven and Earth, and a New Jerusalem, no more suffering o death, God will dwell with humanity in the New Jerusalem. Therefore, I can place all of this in the Book of Revelations into any scenario over the past 4200 years.

All we can do is try to be mindful every day of the people and situations around us, care for those in need, respect one another and handle each situation when it arises. I have learned to live in the moment and not worry about what is going to happen one-thousand-years from now. We all have burdens to bear; they are not placed upon us because we are bad. Most of the time we place them upon ourselves because of our own actions.

Yes, I believe in a Higher Power, I believe that we must live right as best we can, be mindful of others and our own actions. I believe, because that is how I was raised and who I have become. When I see all of these “Jesus” postings, pray for me posting, they are placed there, as an attraction getter to receive “likes” for the day. Keep the man called Jesus teachings in your heart, pray for those with needs and not out of greed. If you keep these things in mind, that you will be OK.

It’s like the Dalai Lama said that “religion is like going out to dinner with friends.  Everyone ma order something different, but everyone can still sit at the same table.”

However, that is just my opinion


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5 thoughts on “The Book of Revelations…#178

  1. Is an excellent post. It is also an opinion I share. I have gone back to the church after many years away but it is for the camaraderie. I believe organized religion is man-made and faith is God-given. People still listen to me at church when I speak so I figure I’m doing OK.

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