It must be tiring to always be patting yourself on the back…#174


I never want to forget this picture, this is who we call our president!


Out of control, always.


Does not know what to say, but never shuts up.


What is wrong with our president?


Take a good look at an older picture, study the look on each individuals face.

Trump is a master at keeping his followers misinformed, gives false data, facts and theories. Trump is an individual that can show a stubborn sense of certainty. He suggests things that he does not know the consequences, his misinformation lives in his followers; it festers and grows. Trumps misinformation causes no outrage or scandal among his followers. Trump makes up extravagant and visible examples as he goes along, not knowing if they are true or not.

So, over the weekend we had to endure Trump once again patting himself on the back for the way he has handled the pandemic. He declared that he had done this by having an early ban on people coming from China. When in fact, his restrictions can a little too late. He has totally ignored that deaths in this country will double, “his fake news”. He continually exaggerates, his implication that former President Barack Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, were ignorant and did nothing during the “swine flu,” is wrong. The truth is that the Obama administration declared a public health emergency two weeks after being put on alert. Trump declared a state of emergency seven weeks after he was informed.

Currently South Korea and China after loosening restrictions have renewed their restrictions as new cases of the virus have been reported. Apparently, the virus has the ability to continue spreading. These countries are encouraging people to stay alert, avoid social gatherings. In the U.S., many are chomping at the bit to relax restrictions, health experts may be seen, but not heard. President Donald Trump wants to restart the nation; his campaigning on a great economy depends on it. He also has stated that one cannot have a rally without people, another reason to open the country. However, Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx has held any briefings since late February. Someone…does not want the country to hear what they have to say.

I understand the need to open business’, schools, recreational events, use good judgment, be safe and don’t put a label on yourself that you are dispensable, everyone is essential, many care about you.

However, this is just my opinion!



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15 thoughts on “It must be tiring to always be patting yourself on the back…#174

  1. I recently heard via the BBC that the first case of CV19 came from Europe not from China. But perhaps that is “fake” news. Today everyone in the West Wing has to wear a mask. But not Trump. He’s immune I guess!! Or maybe he does not like the look of masks on his face.

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