Scumbag of the Century…#173

Trump has a history of exploitation of women.

The Trump administration has put the responsibility on states to handle COVID-19 response. This approach to managing the pandemic has been reflected in President Donald Trump’s public statements, from the assertion that he is not responsible for anything; he plays the blame game constantly. The Virus problem is now in his own circle.

The US Navy serves as President Donald Trump’s personal valets has tested positive for Corona Virus. Valets are members of an elite military unit dedicated to the White House and often work very close to the President and first family. Trump was upset when he was informed that the valet had tested positive, and the White House physician tested him again. The same physician that said Trump was in perfect health!
Trump, is being tested weekly for Corona Virus. If he is tested weekly, why don’t he wear mask in public? Why is he making visits to various businesses without protection, why, why, why in the world can he say one thing and act another? Donald Trump is a never-ending liar, and has the morals of…well there is no one lower than Trump; maybe pond scum, he is an embarrassment to this county. Who scrutinized Trump before he ran for office; he clearly had a record for being a scumbag.


Melania posed nude in her mid-twenties but the photos were never on the Internet until this past July; this was hushed during campaigning. Trump graced the cover of Play Boy. He talked trash about his wife, arrogantly mentioned how much money he had several times, and even talked about himself in the third person. Rather than cringe at Playboy’s portrayal of him, Trump seems to be proud of his interview in the magazine and can be seen flashing it around on occasion.

Is his daughter caught up in his dangerous  games, does he have no shame?  Do you want this man for the leader of our county?


I believe he is unfit to  be president!


However, that is just my opinion.





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