Trump’s Election Day…#172

I believe he is pouting!


Trump’s Election Day…

Trump only has six-months to pull together his followers before “election” day; months ago, he based his win on the rise in the economy that has taken a nosedive during the wake of the C-19 Virus. This is his main reason for pushing the states to reopen. If the country reopens unemployment will end, the stimulus may end with only a handful of Americans receiving the money. Business will be open but employers may only have a few return to work, sacrificing employees to recoup their losses. The worse event will be that the Virus will spread quickly and lives will be lost. Recently, the Corona Virus has killed 54 residents of a Medford nursing home over the past four weeks and infected another 100, in the latest deadly outbreak at an elderly care facility in the state. Do the politicians not read these statistics?

The governors’ biggest cheerleader for reopening the country is President Trump. He has expressed support for protesters pushing their states to end the. Politically, governors have learned that they are more likely to be criticized by Trump for maintaining stay-at-home orders. However, as states have defied that criteria to begin restarting business activity from retail stores to restaurants, to elective they have been cheered on by Trump and his allies.

Trump keeps demanding recognition for what he calls his brilliant work. The Trump administration’s said that his handling of the Virus is “a great success story “, when more than 60,000 Americans lie dead, and no end in sight. We have a completely unreliable President; Trump’s whopping lies goes on and on and on and on. Trump demands thanks from governors when he is just barely doing his job as president.

However, this is just my opinion!


9 thoughts on “Trump’s Election Day…#172

    1. You are right, however, America as a whole has two opinions and this is just mine, yet some of my good friends believes in him. I do not see what they see in him and those who follow. But, I am going to make this as painful as possible. 🙂 Thank you for your kind comment. E.

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