Quarantined with My Thoughts…#171

The first people (Adam and Eve) were from Africa, then why do we portray them as white?

I am not religious, I do not believe in organized religion, yet I am spiritual in every way. I believe in live and let live to one’s own individual beliefs. When being “shut-in” it does make one give thoughts to many subjects, today; I decided to start in the beginning.
The age of Earth has been debated, changed and debated again, but it is said that it is about 4.54 billion years old give or take a few years. I make these statements on no authority, no formal scientific education, i.e., just my love of research and my opinion. Coincidentally, this number is supposed to be the same age as the rest of the planets in the Solar System, as well as the Sun. This does give thought to a plan of creation, does it not?
There are changes continually, Earth’s ever-changing crust, as well as the rocks in Earth’s neighbors, such as the moon and visiting meteorites. The oldest rocks on Earth found to date are in Canada, which are 4.03 billion years old. However, rocks older than 3.5 billion years can be found on all continents. Greenland and Swaziland, Africa are 3.4 billion to 3.5 billion years. Samples in Australia, Quebec, run 3.4 billion to 3.6 billion years old, and the Universe itself is said to be over 13 billion years old. Just a few scientific facts!
This brings me to the Biblical age of Earth. The Bible never declares an age for the Earth, but evidence derived from the text fits most comfortably with a date approximately 6,000. Nevertheless, dinosaurs have been found with stomach contents preserved. Such preservation, by the way, indicates they were buried so rapidly that the normal decay process could not affect them. I do not know whether dinosaurs ate humans–they just have never found one that had a human as its last meal. However, there are records and artwork depicting dragons, which look a lot like what we call dinosaurs.
The spiritual side of me believes in a God, the Great Mystery and that he did create earth, it may have taken billions of years, as I do not believe the six-day theory. I also believe that much of the Bible was written to control the masses; there needed to be rule, ancient politicians so to speak, even if much of it was scare tactics. The Flood, possible, a destructive global event that reshaped the earth’s surface. I have to believe this is possible, look at how one pandemic can be destructive in today’s world. Science shows us that all males and females shared a single ancestor in Africa roughly 125,000 to 156,000 years ago.
Many of these things I can believe, but I do have a burning question…What is God’s purpose for the earth and for humankind?
It’s just my opinion!


3 thoughts on “Quarantined with My Thoughts…#171

  1. A good read, yes I too often find myself falling into deep thought about the age old question ‘Why are we here?’ If there is a God, and I’d like to think that there is something out there, then what is the ultimate point of ‘Us’ as living beings. I think that the bible is a book of fables and hearsay to keep the masses in check, but I do believe there are too many questions and coincidences to just dismiss that there is some divinity out there. There is only so much science can take credit for, or explain. Thanks for restarting my foggy brain during isolation xx

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