“Jackass Liars”…#169

“Jackass Liars”

Both candidates Trump and Biden are using the pandemic situation to further their political campaigns, and the drama continues. Trump tells us that social distancing guidelines will be “fading out’”. A day before federal guidelines on slowing the spread of corona virus are set to expire, Trump indicate that the social distancing guidelines would be relaxed as states begin to reopen. However, somewhere inside the “big picture”, more than one-million cases of corona virus has been confirmed, and an estimated sixty-thousand US citizens have died. What does this tell you Mr. President?

President Trump continues to make statements that he retracts hours later. The president stated that the tests were coming “very soon”, and then on Wednesday, he claimed that he never said it. His backpedaling thoughts came as quickly and his statement that test would be soon was said by him. He stated that the lie was a media trap. As usual, our president continually lies and retracts his statements. On the other hand, does this mentally deranged man (my personal opinion) is not responsible for what he says or does? As a people, do we just overlook, wait eight-ears out, and try of correct mistakes made by government? Have we ever elected honest political people in any position, my long life tells me that we have very few?

The White House is pushing to open and revive the economy, that has been deep-seated to President Trump’s reelection, and all persons running for office is using or stepping on the backs of the people who have not had the virus, those who have survived and in my opinion he has walked upon the graves of those sixty-thousand who have lost their lives? Even Jared Kushner stated that the economy would be “really rocking again” by July, calling the recovery a great success story. Another reelection statement. I also wish that their vocabulary would expand, I am tired of, beautiful, nice, wonderful, and so on, political statement or not very professional these days. Really rocking again…do we have teenagers running the government or men?

The Treasure Secretary stated the economy would bounce back in July, August or September. VP Pence said Memorial Day weekend would be when we put the virus epidemic behind us. Come on people, they have given predictions for half of the year. Americans are unlikely to return to normal life until a vaccine is developed and effective. That timeline is in the ballpark of 12 to 18 months. Fauci has said he has “convinced” there will be a second wave in the fall.

All of the government should have a mass meeting, pick a date, and stick to it, the way things are going now they all just look like “Jackass Liars”. Those misinformation quotes have already been cut into campaign ads for Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Trump is pumping up his campaign from the podium and has repeatedly defended his bullish pronouncements, describing himself as a “cheerleader” for the country. News for you Mr. President, another teenager type of statement, next you will have “pom poms” waving as you enter press forums.
Of Course…this is just my opinion!



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