The Old life will Never Return…#166

I have tried to resist from posting about the corona virus, yet since everyone has an opinion, I thought I would add mine. I have known all my life that America in general was greedy. I have seen years of the citizens of this country be or become greedy as time goes by, and the epidemic of greediness is growing rapidly. It shows in their actions, it is no longer about helping each other it is what can we do to get back the life we had before the virus hit.

Now protesters are defying the “stay-at-home guidelines”, they are taking to the streets toting American flags and do not tread on me banners. They are challenging the orders. The movement it gaining momentum and it is like the virus, it is spreading throughout the country. The protests have gain support from President Donald Trump; he has in a series of tweets condoned people disobeying rules that were intended to slow the virus. He has tweeted; liberate Minnesota, Michigan, Virginia, saying our 2nd Amendment rights are under siege! He is supporting protesting a virus that will kill many Americans. Then he said that he believes that some governors have been carried away. In addition, you will see the protestors holding up signs that read “open the country” wearing mask. Where are their minds at when backtracking in their own beliefs? When these same people complain that the government mandates healthy citizens to stay at home; who will determine who is healthy and who has the virus?
Another problem is that those in authority picks and chooses who will get the stimulus packages. If you are not a US citizen, but married to one, and your children are citizens…you will not receive the relief package. More than 1 million U.S. citizens, in states as far afield as California and Pennsylvania, have been blocked from receiving stimulus checks because they are married to immigrants who do not have Social Security numbers. Some are front-line workers employed in hospitals, police departments and public transit. Others have been laid off or are working fewer hours because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another act of discrimination is against Asians have become a daily occurrence, as some refer to it as the “Chinese Virus”. What have Americans turned into when they are ask where they are from, demanding that food they are purchasing be left for those who are not responsible for the virus. What a disgrace… America Asian people (some not even of Chinese heritage) around the world have reported harassment. Largely due to President Trump’s use of terms like “kung flu.” The suggestion that Chinese people are responsible for the most deadly virus in recent history is not only inaccurate but also dangerous.

I will end with those who are risking their lives every day such as, Doctors, Nurses, Police, Firefighters, Delivery, Grocery Stores, and I am certain I have left out someone; but anyone placing their own lives in harm’s way to keep this country going I applaud them, they are my hero’s.


23 thoughts on “The Old life will Never Return…#166

  1. I also applaud the workers who drive delivery trucks, work in grocery stores and all of those in healthcare. I am Canadian and the protests against the lock downs has made me very depressed. Here we may not like it but we are still prepared to do our best to get the virus curve to flatten and hopefully go down. The US is so close to us and if the virus rampages through States it will affect Canada badly I fear. Thank you for giving your opinion. I agree with you wholeheartedly.


  2. The slavish devotion of Trump’s followers are akin to those who followed Charles Manson: they put themselves in harm’s way for him, commit crimes for him. It is both baffling and astonishing to observe their behavior, their mindsets. Trump’s depravity, his greed, his narcissism knows no bounds. I think most of us have the sense we were born with, the integrity. Yet, we with our lifestyles, the ease at which most of of live, simply does not compare with the those of the Greatest Generation, those who are now spending there last days in nursing homes, and are dying in droves from the Virus. During WWII, they had victory gardens, made do with what they had, shared what they had. Yes, discrimination was part of their heritage, sadly, but they were true patriots.The difference was one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had, FDR. I feel deep shame to see that 43% of Americans still support Trump, a conman, a charlatan. I am remain baffled by it all.

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  3. And yes, once again Pogo… “I have met the enemy, and he is us”.
    I recently read a comment from a photographer I know. He claimed that since he had been a Marine he had the right to go out, do what he wanted, and then followed that with cursing out our governor. I don’t think the people I watched pay the ultimate price did that so a person could take a picture. Just a single example of where we have gone… end of rant.

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  4. “Virginia, saying our 2nd Amendment rights are under siege! He is supporting protesting a virus” – Not only that, but he is – albeit in between the lines and not openly – calling for an armed uprising against a democratically elected government.

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  5. What a sad situation, with so much unfairness and prejudice, much of it stirred up by the idiot in chief. It’s always interesting to hear your perspective. Wishing you good health. 💖

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    1. My son and I were just talking about this worn out subject, we were saying how blessed our family is; we have an income that allows us to work from home. We are healthy, well accept me who just underwent valve replacement, however, I am on the mend. We can pay our bills, buy food for the family and can ride this out. There are so many that cannot, they will lose their jobs, be evicted from their homes and all else that comes with such a tragedy. What we cannot control are those who will continue supporting our president and have no clues as to what he is doing to the country. This is the time for calm and a level head taking control. Instead we have a spoiled man-child running the county. Even his own party does not know how to control him. Thanks for your comment. E.


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