Memories Last Forever…#165


Memories Last Forever…

I know a place filled with back county roads,

they join hills and cross over sparkling brooks;

they weave through golden fields and cleverly

slip into forest nooks. They wind to places that

I know so well, twist and turn through hollows

and hills; my heart is beating to a familiar tune.

Thoughts of long ago times I can hear the

cadenced beat of the horse’s hooves on red dirt

roads; beside me is an old yellow dog. Trees are

creaking, singing their whistling song in the

breeze, a cow in a meadow shakes her bell; I

can image an afternoon rain, and then sun

splashing bright on the road ahead, rainbow

arks in a clear blue sky.

My memory brings forth all of these images

of my childhood, the sun-splashed field, the

creak of the old wagon and the horses takes

us to church. The blue sky, song and laughter

in the little white church, music plays softly

on my ears; this is the land I desire, causing

my soul to shimmer, tremble to the tune.

The morning breeze blows my long hair,

the curls bouncing; nodding to the sun.

I image that I am a butterfly in a warm

summer day; sitting upon a flower, stilled

my colorful wings. Oh! To be a cloud,

wafting through the blue, shadowing

the hills, framing the valleys below,

lingering over the land showing

splashes of red southern dirt. My

memories last forever, and that is

what I do, a purpose daydreaming,




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