Into the Wilderness…#164


Into the Wilderness…

Standing by the grave where death

has ceased its struggle; voice silenced,

eyes shut. With shivering hearts the

conflict over; pilgrimage done, there

will be no more suffering. In the dying

hour, the life plunged down into

dissension; the moaning, doubts, disputes,

and fears now lay deep within the earth.


Healing power surrounded us, while a

warm breeze like waves in the ocean

swept across a sun-lit mound of dirt. The

darkest days will still bring brightness,

strengthen the sage mind, and remove

the fear that lies within the breast. A

cloud of mortal destiny follows;

reminders of what was and what it can be.


Wake in a new world, cross a snowy

mountainous pass; hear the echoes

from eagles, and cross a flowing stream.

It leads to the sea, myth or illusion,

eyes open as the mind gathers thoughts.

Remember God can abide man’s soul,

cleans the body to make ready for

tranquility; you will rise and follow.


What is before us we do not know,

but the mind goes with solemn peace.

Yet man has no impracticable hours,

no patients, man’s life plunges into

thought often; strife will soon follow,

he smiles and walks into an unknown




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