Day 23 of Isolation…#158

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Many of the sixty-six tenants of this complex including myself remain in isolation; a few continue to move about with their normal daily lives. Some do not care, while others are not taking the virus seriously. With a new “Bovine” heart valve, I am not taking any chances! I live at ground level; therefore, my children take turns leaving groceries and other necessary items on my patio. Consequently, my pantry and cabinets are bursting at the seams. When I go outside to take my trash out I am in full anti-virus gear, in anticipation that I might run into someone who is not so careful. I uphold the six-foot rule as well.

I have listed all of the good, bad of being isolated. The best part is that I am undisturbed while researching for new book. Being a writer the isolation is not a bother to me, seeing my family is a big one.

Therefore, I leave you with this bit of advice; enjoy the peace and quiet, as this too shall pass. We may never get back to what normal use to be, however, lets embrace the new normal.

Wishing everyone peace and happiness.

9 thoughts on “Day 23 of Isolation…#158

  1. You are wise. 🙂 And unfortunately many humans don’t realize how serious this is. Or how much they can even unknowingly spread the virus…
    I think/hope many things will change once this is “over”. New thoughts? New ideas? new rules? A friend of mine in France is working with an association of software companies to connect all retirement homes in the country with one single software. Pro bono. Right now, the retirement homes are cut out. Completely. With disastrous effects as you can imagine. At least some are already acting.
    Take care

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    1. Oh my…I live in a senior complex, know few but those I have spoken too do not even have a computer and refuse to take advantage of their I-phones. I have worked with computers since the screens were green and the fonts were yellow. Mine is attached to me :-). What a wonderful thing such a software would be. Hugs again E.

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      1. LOL. I’m with you. My first computer was an IBM 360, back in 1972. I learnt to write programs with grids and pencils. Then punch cards and cross fingers I didn’t screw up the programme. Green screens and yellow fonts were a technological leap… Hope they get this software up and running fast.
        Ye be good naw, ye hear? 😉

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