The Great Mystery… – #152


The Chickasaw are an indigenous people of the Southeastern Woodlands. Their traditional territory was in the Southeastern United States of Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Their language is classified as a member of the Muskogean language family.

Ababinili is the Creator God of the Chickasaw tribe. His name means “one who sits above” or “dwells above. Ma, my Great Grandmother would refer to him two ways, as the Great Spirit, signifying a divine power and The Great Mystery. Both are a supreme being, that is what she taught me.

Many of my poems refer to the Great Mystery, the all knowing, the planner of our beginning, our journey, and our end. Yet, I believe that we are given the ability to make changes, make choices as we journey down the path to the end. I do not want to offend anyone or their religious beliefs; however, mine continues to walk with the Great Mystery.

I want to continue my journey in enjoying the past as I write about it, and enjoying the days that are ahead of me. Taking in every moment possible with my family, to meet new friends, to continue to grown into a person that my family will be proud of when the end of my journey comes, and to love.

Ma took life very serious, she had hopes for the future, and she fought many battles to reach her goals. Much of my own life has journeyed on the same path. I hope that I can walk with her on my journey into bringing justice to her life as I share it in writing.
Secrets and Lies – Part 5 will be posted soon. Thank you for your loyalty in following my post it is greatly appreciated. In the mean time, I continue to start each day and “Foyopa”, Chickasaw for “To Breathe”, I just want to wake and breathe before I start a new daily journey.



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9 thoughts on “The Great Mystery… – #152

  1. I have always felt somewhere deep within me that I had a kinship with indigenous spirituality.
    Today you have shown me why. The Great Mystery – that’s it exactly.
    Foyopa – to breathe. A wonderful daily prayer.
    Thank you.

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  2. The Chickasaw… I studied in Alabama. I remember going to a site laden with arrow-heads. Free for the picking. (In those days) Wonder whether they were Chickasaw.
    Hope you are recovering nicely. Just saw your like. Thanks for the visit.

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      1. Like a friend of mine said, a long time ago, in a very different situation: “Take it one step at a time.” Don’t exert yourself creating. Plenty of time. Just enjoy the pleasures of blogging around. There’s always something new and pleasant to look at. I confess that when I’m out of sorts, strolling the blogosphere puts my mind at peace.
        Get well.

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