Publication: “The Pilgrimage”

Liz Gauffreau, “The Pilgrimage”.

Elizabeth Gauffreau

I am pleased to share the news that my short story, “The Pilgrimage,” has been published in the Vol. VII #9 issue of The Woven Tale Press. (See page 55.) In addition to publishing fiction and poetry, The Woven Tale Press features a good selection of contemporary visual art. I’d encourage you to check out their website:

“ThePilgrimage” is that rare breed of story for me, a serendipitous what-if story.

The serendipity arrived with my becoming the keeper of The Family Archives after my mother had finished writing her family history. As I was idly going through the photographs, documents, and ephemera, just to see what I had, I ran across the above photograph. The girl is my mother, flanked by her Great-Aunt Etta and her Great-Aunt Jenn.

At around the same time, while family history was on our minds, my husband and I took a trip down…

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