Never Ending Vacation from Life…#127



Never Ending Vacation from Life…

There are times when the inter-self believes that to survive; it must find the strength to run away. Retreating invades the mind each day. It is not always a question of whether to leave or stay with the physical body. The mind will say that departure from life is the only way. A dream of escaping a crestfallen existence starts threatening emotions. Yearning to create happiness on more than a fabrication of the Imagination.

A misplaced soul not always filled with treasured memories, because life has not been kind. Age is not a factor in being unsure of what path life will take; living at times in tormented moments is tiring and emotional. Fading souls find that life is hanging onto the tail of a spinning world trying not to slip into a dark abyss of fear. Struggling between reality and imaginary subsistence.

It is in silence that most turn inward, back to the secret hiding place, deep within the core of self-preservation. A place where peace abounds, fear subsides, outwardly knowing true happiness will never be found. When there are no longer reasons to chase after dreams, these lost souls believe that only in death will they find truth.

Only with death, will the tree of happiness bear fruit. Dreams of escaping a crestfallen existence may be contemplated as a never-ending vacation. Yet, it must be known as a false consideration, a delusional unhappiness, a fabrication of the imagination. Existence is precious, life is to be live to the fullest each day, enjoy the happy moments and the unhappy ones will soon fade away.


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